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January Mid/Long Range Disco 3: The great recovery or shut the blinds?


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12 minutes ago, WxUSAF said:

Euro control arctic blasts and record lows in Siberia. JB must be getting tingly.

I'll go out on a limb here. My intuition has been and is continuing to tell me our winter as far as snow threats go is about to start and probably be real for a while. I have my list of reasons but the big one is simple. Look at what mid level temps do in Canada on all ensembles over the next 2 weeks. The look at mean jet panels. Says a lot on a macro scale imo. Cold enough air source coast to coast just over the border. If you loop it you can see the tpv just rotating and distributing cold air. 

So I do believe snow chances will increase rapidly and probably hang around for than 30 seconds. But with the personality of winter and the type of northern stream dominant pattern on the means... clean events better not become a minimum bar lol

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