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March 21-22 Severe Threat


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I wish I could get over there for a chase but of course I will be working these events. Not often you see a D3 MDT. We will see if they upgrade as we get closer. I wouldn't snooze on tomorrow's TX threat either.

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4 hours ago, Iceresistance said:

Houston does not look good at all for Severe Weather. (You're in Houston, which is in the Central & Western States forum)

Early warm season season in Houston, too close to a rather cool Gulf, low clouds, fog and drizzle limit insolation.  Extra few hours over land, ie, CLL, they can mix out some with daytime heating.  But Houston, almost never.  1992 F-3/F-4 tornadoes were in November.


Back to South, HREF Sig Tor>3 with updraft helicity overlay looks bad for Louisiana and Mississippi tomorrow.


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