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Central PA - Summer 2021

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Well, my last rain measurement was 5.77".

It will be my final measurent although we may have gotten a tenth or so more. I had shut the power off to the house, thus shutting down my inside weather station unit. Our breaker box was dripping water as I believe the outside weather cap sealing off the main line coming into the house was leaking. Didn't want and don't need a short circuit and/or a fire.

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Fascinating storm from it's evolution in the Gulf all the way through tonight..  Some amazing statistical anomalies to sort through in the days ahead.  Tomer Burg on Twitter has been posting some of the insane numbers from NJ tonight. 7-8" in 3 hours..  That level of flash-flooding at night in a heavily populated corridor doesn't bode well.

1 minute ago, canderson said:

NYC might get 10” rain tonight. Holy f.


29 minutes ago, TheDreamTraveler said:

Apparently the huge tornado in Jersey might have been an EF4. I was reading that it might be the most powerful tornado to ever spawn from a tropical cyclone ever. Also would be NJ's most powerful tornado ever


Some of the houses are chopped in half and missing


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Official tally here of 5.39", not quite as bad as I thought.  The real miracle is my sump pump didn't even run!  Honestly, I thought we would be mostly okay around here because the rain was juuuuuust spread out enough to avoid major issues and that appears to be mostly the case, outside of some creek flooding.  The river doesn't look to hit even minor flood stage at any station, although the Schuylkill River looks like it may set cresting records at a couple locations.  Conestoga River looks pretty high as well.  The highest totals definitely seem to be across eastern PA into central NJ and NYC.  The highest total I have found in PA so far is off of Cocorahs, with 8.22" near Valley Green in York County, right by @Caveman

Edit:  I see Caveman already pointed out the 8.22 total near Valley Green.  How you faring up that way sir?  My buddy in Etters damn near had his deck ripped off, as he lives right on Fishing Creek.

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29 minutes ago, mahantango#1 said:

53 degrees this morning, it's been awhile since it was in the 50''s

All I know is that it's chilly this morning. I have no weather station readings at the moment. I had to cut power to the house as I had water in the breaker box. The Ambient Weather  monitor doesn't have a battery back-up.

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