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9 hours ago, powderfreak said:

Yeah it’s a Wild Card race now.  I think 6-7 players out positive with COVID now?  Most of the bullpen, Barnes, Taylor, Sawamura, etc, Kike Hernandez, then Bogaerts got pulled mid-game for a positive test.  He’s very tight with Devers, who is now playing shortstop for many games possibly (lol) if he’s not positive.

Super frustrating and makes you think wtf they are doing when not playing baseball. 

9 hours ago, Typhoon Tip said:

In 1978 the Yankees closed a 10 game gap in Sep. 

Growing up my dad @MBRI always mentioned that year I didn't understand the heart break of Sox fans until 2003 when Aaaron Boone became the "Bucky ____ Dent" of my generation.  Bottom of the order guys, same sort of weird swing (although Bucky choked up on the bat like a little leaguer), looks like a high pop-up to the outfield off the bat, doesn't sound like a HR off the bat, and ends up breaking your heart.


I have to say this is one of the first Rays teams I don't hate. Have to the respect the " F__ it" approach and swing for the fences every at bat, kind of refreshing and makes for exciting games.  

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Online sports betting soon in CT. Definitely won't be playing but using weather to predict over unders can be very fruitful especially when the wind is blowing out at Fenway and some trip A pitcher is on the mound. Used to be teams didn't pass in snow games so the under was in, not anymore.  But high wind games still fall under about 75% of the time.

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12 hours ago, powderfreak said:

Like watching a train wreck.  I know what’s coming but I can’t turn away.

Sort of like when a healthy snowstorm was looking fantastic 48 hours out but you just slowly watch the next 6 model cycles take it away.  You keep checking in each model cycle just to make sure it’s really happening :lol: 

When model noise becomes a positive trend in your mind, you become a subject of one of Tip's freudian posts. 

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On 8/30/2021 at 5:14 PM, amarshall said:

Dispensary edibles are weak. Thriving black market for 100 mg gummy bears if youre into that sort of thing. Puts me in the 5th dimension. No thanks

I dunno....half a gummy from a dispensary works great for me.   But I use it rarely so my body may respond differently with more frequent use.

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