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May Observations 2021


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Nearly 5 inches of rain brought my yearly total to 26.88 through May.  Still fairly wet but much MUCH better than last year when nearly 13 inches fell in May and I had 52.45 inches by the end of the month! I was also able to avoid the dreaded 90 here IMBY, got up to 88.7; low of 40.1. Very nice spring all things considered.

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May 2021 stats for MBY


  Outdoor Temperature Feels Like Dew Point Wind Speed Wind Gust Max Daily Gust Wind Direction Hourly Rain Daily Rain Rain Total Relative Pressure Outdoor Humidity Ultra-Violet Radiation Index Solar Radiation Indoor Temperature Indoor Humidity
Average 64.5°F 64.8° 56.8° 0.3 mph 0.4 mph 5.0 mph   0.01 in/hr 0.05 in - - 30.09 inHg 79.6% 0.7 98.3W/m2 73.0°F 50.8%
High 94.8°F5/24/215:18 pm 102.2°5/26/212:51 pm 76.7°5/25/214:09 pm 6.7 mph5/12/215:28 am 10.3 mph5/28/2110:31 am 13.6 mph5/28/211:07 pm - - 3.24 in/hr5/3/2110:50 am 1.85 in5/3/211:55 pm 4.19 in 30.47 inHg5/21/2111:48 am 99%5/31/2112:00 am 95/31/211:31 pm 994.2W/m25/30/211:21 pm 86.7°F5/26/216:35 pm 58%5/3/218:54 pm
Low 37.4°F5/13/216:20 am 37.4°5/13/216:20 am 24.4°5/1/213:55 pm 0.0 mph5/31/2112:00 am 0.0 mph5/31/2112:00 am 0.0 mph5/31/2112:00 am - - - - - - - - 29.68 inHg5/29/214:13 am 15%5/1/213:55 pm 05/31/2112:00 am 0.0W/m25/31/2112:00 am 63.1°F5/13/217:47 am 41%5/8/216:51 pm
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