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Monday, May 11, 2020 Gusty t’storms

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5 minutes ago, mreaves said:

Pounding snow. Trees covered, ground covered, road covered.  Yay?  

Congrats,I mean it's cool and will be gone after sunrise why not

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Hyde Park (the town bordering Morrisville to the north) from a friend who works in Stowe ski school... he's over 1,000ft.

3.5" today, and he got hit good in the last one.


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1 hour ago, powderfreak said:

5pm.. 0.19"

6pm... 0.17"

7pm... 0.12"

8pm... 0.16"

That's how you dynamically cool off... keep throwing 0.10-0.20" per hour into the bucket. 


9pm.. 0.14"

Nearing an inch of consistent good rates in a synoptic QPF event...I was caught completely sleeping, this little tomahawk came out of nowhere.

8" at the top of Sugarbush.


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12z NAM missed a close in forecast this afternoon.  A few miles to the south.  

GFS and EURO both had a great showing at 12z.  Not the NAM.


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Bring 'em down?

As of 831 PM EDT Monday...Several additional tweaks needed to
crnt fcst which include increasing snowfall amounts acrs central
VT into the NEK, lowering hrly temps under the heaviest precip
rates and making the required ptype adjustments. Spotters, NWS
employees and general public report 1 to 3 inches of snow from
the western slopes into portions of central/northern VT, mainly
above 800 feet. Have seen an uptick in power outages this
evening, along with web cams confirming some slick travel acrs
the higher trrn mainly above 1500 feet. As heavy wet snow
continues for several more hours, anticipate additional outages
acrs central/northern VT into portions of the NEK tonight. Will
re-issue sps to cover this potential.

Water vapor shows classic backside deformation/commahead
appearance in moisture structure, while deepening and closing
off 5h/7h circulation shifts from central VT into central Maine.
RAP13 shows heaviest precip and best 700 to 500mb forcing
lifting from near BTV to MVL to Lyndon thru 03z this evening,
before exiting our cwa. This will result in additional snowfall
of 1 to 3 inches mainly above 1000 feet for central/northern VT
mtns, including the NEK with some localized totals in the 3 to 5
inch range possible by morning. Radar shows back edge of precip
slowly approaching the western CPV, so anticipate another
couple hours of snowfall acrs the western slopes. Expecting
storm total qpf in this axis to range from 0.50 to 1.0 with some
localized higher amounts possible.


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3 minutes ago, dendrite said:

The most damaging weather of the day goes to VT.

I am surprised that PF missed the modeling.  Looks pretty good fo NMaine again too

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Beautiful morning. As much as I want warmer days, you can’t deny the beauty of a snow covered landscape lit up by sunshine. 


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I was actually wrong about yesterday too...I had thought any frozen would have been more grauple as opposed to hail given the super low freezing levels. Thought I read stuff years ago which mentioned grauple is more likely when WBZ heights get below a certain level. But perhaps this was off-set by the few hundred J of hail CAPE

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