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Mid Week Mishief

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Models are useless at this range with all of the little disturbances in the flow, with the flow off the East Coast more SW to NE clouds are developing over DE and Wash DC area heading NNEward right now, if one of these disturbances veer the flow more sw to NE we could get clipped by ocean storms developing in the flow, I think one these systems will turn the winds over the ocean and over Cape Cod to the North sometime late Wednesday night into early Friday morning before the real storm synoptic snows begin Friday afternoon.  NWS speaks lightly of this potential as well and the HPC keeps SNE in the snow from Day 5 to day 7.  Could this mid week becomes something special?  I think so.  NAM depiction in this topic is showing more energy in the southern stream phasing with the northern stream that digs out of Southern Canada then the 18z GFS at the same time frame.  New runs coming in now will shed light on this system just 48 hours out

54 hour GFS december 25th 18z run.gif

54 hour NAM 18z December 25th.gif

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Define "something special"

And just let me say James I like you as a poster.

You are a snow weenie and despite living in Harwich and watching many others cash in, you do not whine and you stay optimistic. Hoping you get crushed by some storm

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