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March 14/15 W & NNE weenies jumping from the Tobin Coastal Storm Discussion

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I can't stress how much of a bust this way for southern rhode island. 2 inches and then slush and basically rain now with 38. As of yesterday, some models still had us getting 12+ inches or 7-8 at the lower end. The weather forecasts were still way off last night predicting 6+ inches. The changeover happened much sooner than forecasted.

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Low appears to be close to 980 mbs south of Long Island between buoys 44025 and 44066. Still seems to be tracking towards a landfall around Fall River or New Bedford and into Mass Bay. A secondary low seems to have formed further south, not sure if this may complicate the wind forecast, if not, expect severe gusts in se MA and possibly parts of RI this evening.


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On 3/13/2017 at 5:55 PM, rgwp96 said:

this better not be another march let down for me in nw jersey, basically every model has me has 2ft.

ill bump my own post and it was another march let down, 20 plus expected, 13 was the final. damn sleet line was further north than modeled

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My guess


   BURLINGTON            14.5         
   SOUTHINGTON           13.5            
   NORTH GRANBY          14.0          
   WEST GRANBY           14.0            
   SIMSBURY              12.3                 
   AVON                  12.0            
   FARMINGTON            12.0                
   CANTON                12.0          
   GRANBY                12.0            
   1 WNW WINDSOR LOCKS   11.8              
   WEST HARTFORD         11.0               
   TOLLAND               12.0         
   SOMERS                11.5          
   STAFFORDVILLE         11.5              
   ASHFORD               12.0               
   WOODSTOCK             12.5                 
   POMFRET CENTER        12.5                 
   HAMPTON               12.0             
   EAST KILLINGLY        11.2           


   EAST SANDWICH          1.8               
   WOODS HOLE             1.1              
   HYANNIS                1.0   
   3 NW TAUNTON           4.8           
   NORTON                 4.8              
   NORTH DIGHTON          4.5                
   NORTH ACUSHNET         3.5                 
   WEST ACUSHNET          3.0                 
   ACUSHNET               2.8               

   HAVERHILL             16.3          
   METHUEN               16.0          
   DANVERS               13.9            

   HAWLEY                18.0             
   ASHFIELD              18.0      
   ROWE                  15.9           
   DEERFIELD             13.5               

   GRANVILLE             15.5         
   SOUTHWICK             16.0           
   LUDLOW                14.0         

   HUNTINGTON            22.0           
   PLAINFIELD            20.1                 
   MIDDLEFIELD           19.0              
   GRANBY                19.0  

   TOWNSEND              19.8           
   LOWELL                19.0              
   PEPPERELL             18.8          
   TYNGSBORO             18.2           
   DRACUT                18.7            
   LITTLETON             18.5                 

   WESTWOOD               10.8          
   DOVER                  10.3                
   WALPOLE                10.7                
   WELLESLEY             10.5                  
   RANDOLPH               10.5            
   NORWOOD                10.3             
   FOXBORO                10.0             

   HINGHAM                5.8               
   ROCKLAND               5.0           
   EAST BRIDGEWATER       5.0             
   BROCKTON               4.8              
   BRIDGEWATER            4.5                
   KINGSTON               4.2          

   JAMAICA PLAIN          5.5               
   1 N EAST BOSTON        3.6             
   WINTHROP               3.6             

   LUNENBURG             19.1           
   HUBBARDSTON           19.0                    
   FITCHBURG             19.0              
   BARRE                 18.5          
   LEOMINSTER            18.1               
   NORTH ASHBURNHAM      18.0                  
   ASHBURNHAM            18.5              
   3 WNW WORCESTER       17.4               


   WARREN                 5.0          
   BARRINGTON             4.5          

   COVENTRY               9.0         
   WARWICK                6.5        
   WEST WARWICK           6.3         
   2 NNW WARWICK          3.3               

   TIVERTON               3.8             
   PORTSMOUTH             3.1             
   LITTLE COMPTON         2.8          

   BURRILLVILLE          13.0            
   NORTH FOSTER          11.5           
   HARRISVILLE           11.5                
   WOONSOCKET            10.5              

   RICHMOND               6.0                
   KINGSTON               5.1                
   7 NNW KINGSTON         5.0  

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Ok you guys you just totally screwed with my head. I'm planning a hike in GA, leaving on Friday so watching the next system with concern and already hearing chatter about another northeaster for NE next week, then start reading this thread for March 14-15. Took me about 6 pages to realize this thread is a year old. Geesh.

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