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  1. Just changed back to big fat flakes in purcellville
  2. Still not real impressive here west of leesburg. Taking forever for this parking lot to cave fully.
  3. Sitting in Hamilton just west of leesburg and the parking lot is finally starting to cave after 2 hours. 31 and coming down decent
  4. Gfs
  5. I'm still liking where we sit in leesburg. Lol just noticed gfs-Para decided to run last night with a good run.
  6. Do you all think there will be virga at onset? Not sure how to tell how dry the column would be. Learning a lot from everyone, thanks!
  7. Wow, GFS giving Va beach 18" with 40 mph wind gusts! Im getting ready to head down there now , should be a blast! Ill try and post some pics!
  8. Im rooting for ya, Hoping to head down from northern Va to do some plowing if there is enough. Its looking like 6" is pretty doable!
  9. That's where Im heading to push snow for the first time this season!
  10. The drive from Inwood to Leesburg was a little sketchy but not bad as long as you aren't being stupid. Suprisingly, Loudoun co side of the mountain was worse then Clarke co. Really surprised I didn't see any wrecks or cars in the median!
  11. Noticed that as well.
  12. Gotcha, yeah reading through the obs, It trended way better the day before and we got dumped on. I love that kind! The way I look at it, we have nothing to lose. This may surprise us too.
  13. And the models showed 2-4 then rain!
  14. Sorry, I'll stick to obs. Still trying to learn. Signed, just a dumb plow driver.....
  15. From what I understand, the 2nd sw wont be fully sampled until tonight.