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  1. Everything white in Winchester, parking lots covered and roads caving
  2. Snow in winchester, roads whitening
  3. yup, was just gonna post that..... just flurries for now
  4. Sleet now changing over to snow now in winchester
  5. Fatties and full blown sleet in Leesburg
  6. 31 in Leesburg. Occasional pingers just turned to more pronounced sleet. Looking at my security camera at my house in inwood, roads are covered!
  7. I kinda like the rain to sleet to snow aspect. I think it allows the snow to stick faster vs straight rain to snow
  8. Except there is about a 14" difference between snowfall and snow depth
  9. Snow into dc at 57 but I don't think its coming up
  10. It would not surprise me if gfs continues to suppress it tonight, and euro pastes us, then eventually, they both meet in the middle and end up with 6". Hoping the euro comes around since I seem to remember in past years, someone saying the euro handles Miller a's the best....
  11. Finally have some light snow in Leesburg/ landsdowne edit, Aaaannnndddddd, it's over lol.