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  1. B-Paq

    March 20-21 Short Range Model Analysis

    I better get my ass to bed - work's gonna be on time tomorrow at this rate! Good luck, men.
  2. B-Paq

    March 20-21 Short Range Model Analysis

    RGEM doesn't look too great either...
  3. B-Paq

    March 20-21 Short Range Model Analysis

    Make sure you scroll down, as the two Canadians are kinda hidden at the bottom.
  4. B-Paq

    March 20-21 Short Range Model Analysis

    Have a gander at that band over the bay and shore from 24-28. WOW.
  5. Guys, I'm looking at the "snow depth" product on Pivotal - how does that work? Sun angle and melting on contact, etc? Because that map looks a hell of a lot more realistic for March 22nd than even the Kuchera maps.
  6. B-Paq

    March 7 Disc/Observations

    Yeah man, quite the surprise! I went inside about about 7:30 and it was raining pretty good, then come out just now to lock the shop and the cars are topped!
  7. I seem to the first February storm being pretty well dialed in by about 5 days out, but I'm certain one of our more diligent members recalls better than I.
  8. B-Paq

    PD3.5 Lite Obs and Nowcasting

    Straight-up puking chunks of ice with occasional potato chip sized flakes in Easton.
  9. B-Paq

    January Med/Long Range Disco Part 2

    Agreed - I saw the post count and immediately thought the Euro went back to amazing. Not so much
  10. B-Paq

    New Years 2018 Mid-Long Range Disco

    I seem to remember commenting about the parade of highs dropping down from Canada one right after the other in the long range last week, but that sure doesn't seem to be the case now.
  11. B-Paq

    New Years 2018 Mid-Long Range Disco

    The GEPS doesn't look all that bad until the very end of the run, but the GEFS - woof, get the flip-flips out.
  12. B-Paq

    Jan 4th Coastal Obs/Disc

    I have personally witnessed this several times - it insists MBY is getting x number of inches of additional snow and it's clear the precip is kaput.
  13. B-Paq

    Southern MD / Lower Eastern Shore weather discussion

    Hi csnavy, do you pay attention to/put any stock in @crankweatherguy on Twitter? His play-by-play of the evolution is fascinating, but I gotta wonder about the weenie factor with that guy. Thanks as always for the great info on the main boards!