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  1. That was a great snow day - super cold, fell during the daylight hours. We got about 6 here in Easton.
  2. Except when it does - just last winter
  3. Pool party has been canceled and moved to next weekend. Now I can root for a good storm!
  4. I'm the guy on Twitter with the 100+ people coming for a pool party on Saturday. Yes, I do believe we're screwed.
  5. Not to mention heavy. Remember guys/gals - heavy, wet snow is a widowmaker. Pace yourselves while shoveling!
  6. Oh, the tragedy of being a snow lover on the mid-shore...
  7. Hey Bob, I'm curious - although the positioning of the low got better from 12z to 18z, the thermals for east of 95 seem to have gotten worse on both the op and the ensembles. Could you help me understand why?
  8. Apologies for asking, but how did the mean look? Mostly snow for everyone or did it get messy for east of 95? As pictured, it would appear in my eyes to be far enough offshore to keep everyone but the beaches relatively happy.
  9. Did I not hear at least once in here that the CMC has a ns bias? Because that ol' girl is in love with the ss on that run.
  10. Looking at the GEFS members I now have full-blown p-type fears for here in Easton. I'd be interested to see the cobb output for down here from the op - even with the bananas totals the snow map put out I'm betting there's a mess of sleet counted as snow in there.
  11. I don't post much, but read every day. Trying to be polite to everyone!
  12. According to Google maps your location is 164 miles northeast of DC so that matters how, exactly? EDIT: thought you were being a smartass, but then re-read it as 5 and one half inches and re-evaluated - my bad
  13. Last winter had the blizzard, so we forget how gawdawful the rest of the winter was
  14. Isn't this traditionally the part of the movie where the Euro totally reverses course, amps the storm and reels us back in?