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  1. Sleet/freezing rain in south Durham despite radar showing snow..it keeps going back and forth though.
  2. Back to some sort of mix here in south Durham
  3. Snowing pretty good in south Durham near Southpoint. Camera shows it started at 7:55 or so. Road tracks are covered over.
  4. NVM, I was looking at wrong location apparently...Well that would be something if it verified.
  5. Where are you seeing SREF plumes like that? I see <1?
  6. 3K looks much more reasonable
  7. It's not really the location that I'm suspicious about. I'm sure it'll be off one way or another there, but NAM is spitting out like 1.5 inches of QPF over spots. No way....
  8. Yeah, but no other real support
  9. Go home NAM, you're drunk. Basically it keeps some sort of band over east central NC for hours...
  10. Similar to wildremann ... about 6-7" snow here in south Durham. Was sleet just a bit ago, now back to snow.
  11. Backside hit is back on FV3
  12. Careful...plenty of doomsayers are about to yell fake news at you.
  13. The thing is, it pays for TV mets to be conservative. In our area things will be conservative say 90% of the time. So if you call low 100% of the time, you'll be right 90% of the time. The other 10% of the time you'll be forgiven. If you call high one time when it's not there, people will always remember that. Fishel gets to hang his hat on the 2000 storm where he was basically the only one to get it right, but late in his career (arguably) it's easy to just take the conservative road and be right most of the time. That's not really a criticism per se, it's just a way to maintain a steady state.
  14. Basically rain tomorrow afternoon through the night. A small pocket of snow from 2 AM until maybe noon, then back to rain. And that's that. Said temps to the north are too warm to worry him.