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  1. Looks like the balloon just went up...tornado watch issued for north Georgia until 2 PM. Glad I don't have to be out on the road today!
  2. Weirdly, my little corner of GA (Lumpkin County) always--always--is on the edge of things during these events. We're either on the edge of the forecast precip itself or else we're on the edge of expected amounts. It's unsettling, as if forecasters don't know how to classify us.
  3. Looks like I chose the right weekend to break in the new crock pot with chili.
  4. That must be one strong flagpole, lol. Those waves are amazing!
  5. I came hurrying over here for that very reason. I was a little astounded to see that tornado watch to my northwest when there's nothing in GA yet. I do see some rather ugly storms up in TN, is that what they're worried about?
  6. I note that the WWA that was posted for my little corner of Georgia seems to have spread into the Carolinas. They seem to think it's gonna be more serious than first expected, huh?
  7. I do wish it were snow rather than ice that's being forecast, however...I can attest that the ground is frozen, and anything that falls out of the sky is going to freeze on contact. DOT has been proactive in my area, treating the roads with brine.
  8. The NWS forecast for my little corner of Georgia still has us at a 30% chance of snow for Thursday. Since they completely missed the "surprise storm" from a couple of weeks ago I'm reserving judgement. It's something I'm watching closely because that's when I'm supposed to go back to work.
  9. Sorry. Not trying to troll...in fact, was trying to make folks feel better.