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  1. 12z NAM sounding on Thursday afternoon evening for points just west of Atlanta, Ga.
  2. Major debris signature over Seneca, SC heading towards Clemson.
  3. Metro Atlanta needs to pay attention to the cell near Sylacauga, AL.....that may show the best chance for something to develop as it moves over the border.
  4. KFFC Whitfield GA-Walker GA-Chattooga GA- 833 PM EDT Sun Apr 12 2020 ...A TORNADO WARNING REMAINS IN EFFECT UNTIL 900 PM EDT FOR SOUTHWESTERN WHITFIELD...SOUTHEASTERN WALKER AND NORTHEASTERN CHATTOOGA COUNTIES... At 832 PM EDT, a confirmed tornado was located near Suttles Mill, or near Lafayette, moving northeast at 35 mph
  5. Radar shows TOG on the NW Georgia cell
  6. From the radar, it does appear that the line of storms in Mississippi is breaking up....whether this translates into more dangerous discrete cells remains to be seen.
  7. The Atlanta metro is definitely in play for the chance of significant severe including a tornado or two, but as it happens almost 100% of the time with these setups, the instability and threat for major severe always diminishes the further east, especially as you go into the overnight hours. We call it the north Georgia storm shield.
  8. Hmmmmm, "historic" wording from FFC is, needless to say, extremely unusual. Haven't heard them honk this much since April 2011 and along with everyone else, hard to see something like that verifying. Wonder what their thinking is, especially since ATL is further east (as usual) from the greatest threat area.
  9. Man, that Commerce supercell is gonna be a close call for the NW side of Joplin.......jeez.
  10. Regardless whether this turns out to be a bust or not, I really surprised at the lack of storm coverage that we’ve seen, one way or another I would’ve figured there would be more going on, tornadic or not.
  11. Verbatim that’s one of the worst soundings I’ve seen, especially since 4/27/11.
  12. Winds are very strong over here, last I read almost 18,000 people without power here in the Atlanta area.
  13. Looks like downtown Helen, Ga has switched over to snow according to their webcam.