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  1. Tyranny of the majority. Welcome to Amurica.
  2. Well, it started as playful banter and everyone went bat**** crazy. I expect nothing less at this point. No need to ignore, i'm moving out on my own accord. Relentless like that trough in February 2015.
  3. Nobody cares if you post from an iPhone.
  4. Obviously you have beef in this issue. I've never seen someone use such outright profanity on this board. You ought to take it elsewhere and stop pretending that you care. I am just here in some ways to demand apologies from years past. Like the above post and from others who denied that arctic ice decline was influencing the jet streams and causing more extreme blocking. Recent processes like the Ridiculously Resilient Ridge and Terribly Tenacious Trough are not differentiated from AGW. Last time I checked, California still needs rain. (But it's el nino right?) At the very least, the blood is now flowing. This is what you need, a real sense of direction rather than the status quo.
  5. At the end day, it depends on how much importance you place into the context of AGW. Most people don't believe it can cause mass extinctions. This is where the disparity resides. Or mabye it is accepted but people can't come to reality with that setup. Either way, I can see it was not worth it, too many people taking it the wrong way and perceiving it as trolling/griefing. If not the action argument, we should at least recognize that most weather events that occur today will have a strong AGW signal inside them. Knowing about AGW will make you a better forecaster.
  6. It's a dead zone like the philly sub-forum.
  7. This is the banter thread.... It's just funny to look back at the last few years. This place was a denier heaven. According to most, we all agree on AGW. Mission accomplished. There are the usual caveats with long-term planning tho. You focused the attention on the poster. I am just here to promote an idea bigger than myself and I don't believe in hidden agendas. This shouldn't generate so much controversy, it's more or less a call to arms.
  8. Hansen would be proud. I'm not that kind of person. Although they exist.
  9. Don't fool yourself ORH. I apologize for my posting style but the evidence and the big picture is there, albeit it would be beneficial to remove all doubts in a systematic logical way. Doesn't change the overall argument on the human factor.
  10. Far from it, but I don't like to signal people out. I think it's an interesting topic. The USA is a hotspot for climate disinformation. I'm already getting tired of talking about AGW so I can assure you it's not about trolling. I don't plan on having kids due to AGW. Unless we can somehow turn around quickly perhaps utilize some geoengineering.
  11. Summer 2016 will be something special. I don't disagree with you.
  12. There is a good cause behind it, it's the important issue in the 21st century and warrants this level of engagement. If there are any world wars again, the underlying cause would be AGW. Gotta put down the naysayers. You whacked the hornet's nest last winter by denying the connection with extreme cold outbreaks. Now the super el nino is dampening the airmasses but as you can see, we still have extreme blocking events. I'm burned out for now. Might as well go big or go home, shutout winter? More than likely there will be snow on the horizon so rest easy.