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    SPC High Risk Climatology 1989-2011

    Updating for through 2013 by cities (2012 and 2013 days): Chicago: 6/12/13, 11/17/13 Milwaukee: No additional days Indianapolis: 11/17/13 Detroit: No additional days Columbus: No additional days Louisville: 3/2/12 St. Louis: No additional days Grand Rapids: No additional days Toledo: No additional days Fort Wayne: 6/12/13, 11/17/13 Madison: No additional days Cedar Rapids: No additional days Evansville: 3/2/12, 11/17/13 Springfield, IL: 11/17/13 Green Bay: No additional days La Crosse: No additional days Moline: 6/12/13 Now also going by state: IN and OH had a portion of the state in High Risk on all three days in the list above. IL and MI on 6/12/13 and 11/17/13. WI was just barely clipped on 6/12/13. KY on 3/2/12. IA had small portion in High on 6/12/13. MO was actually clipped (but in the extreme western potion so not sure if it counts) on 4/14/12, which was much further west High Risk than the other three. Oh and forgot to mention, IA was also clipped in the far west on 4/14/12.
  2. Hertz

    SPC High Risk Climatology 1989-2011

    And there was just one in South MI in November this year.
  3. Hertz

    SPC High Risk Climatology 1989-2011

    Sorry if unallowed bump, but wanted to update days (not all affected states may be included): 3/2/12 IN KY OH 6/12/13 IL IN OH - Potentially only High Risk with tornado probability under 15% in large part of area 11/17/13 IL IN MI OH - Furthest north high risk in November previous 11/15/05 included IN OH but not MI