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  1. cmh90


    Looks like the eye is closing up, not sure how this will affect its strength as it approaches the Carolinas.
  2. cmh90


    I’ve been watching from a distance for many years and it seems that either the models are becoming less reliable, the weather is becoming harder to predict, or my memory is getting worse.
  3. Tornado warning for Pitt County
  4. I’ll eat my own shoe if that happens!
  5. How is it looking for our area? No one here is even thinking about it and I have a feeling that some people will be caught off guard.
  6. I might be seeing things but it looks like she’s is either moving W or WSW.
  7. Is she still heading WNW or has she made the turn yet? It’s hard to tell from the IR with the eye being iffy and all.
  8. It’s going to be really bad for those people. I’ve just recently moved to Greenville but lived in Washington since I was 4. You also have some low income areas that are prone to flood. I have a feeling that those people are gonna be hit hard too.
  9. Given the new updates do you still feel that this is a possibility? Obviously feels have nothing to do with weather forecasting but something just doesn’t feel right about all of this.
  10. Thanks for the detailed response. I actually moved to Greenville this week so it seems I should be experiencing the same effects from this storm as you are. I have a love/hate relationship when it comes to tracking these storms, there is too much uncertainty in regards to how it will affect us. What are your opinions on the Euro vs GFS? I might be talking out my butt but I’m think it will likely lie somewhere in the middle. From the last few years it has seemed that the Euro has been more consistent in regards to forecasting storm tracks.
  11. With this forecasted to stall as it enters N.C. what will happen to the winds? How quickly will it lose intensity?
  12. This looks like a worst case scenario for Greenville, NC and Wilmington, NC. They are the two most populated cities in Eastern NC and filled with college students from all over that may not be familiar with how dangerous Hurricanes can be. I seriously hope something changes in these next few days. This could turn out to be really bad considering most of the college kids in Greenville live in areas that are very prone to flooding.