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  1. Very big possibility we get shafted...
  2. Surface temps stay pretty warm through sat night, flirting with freezing on saturday during the day.
  3. So do you think this thing hits TUL and OKC or does it go to our south? I'm not sure I agree with you that it's been "easy". Right now OKC and Tulsa have the system laying down a good chunk of snow, I think as you alluded to there now appears to be a good chance it goes south another 50 miles. The guys in OKC and TUL forecasts offices are pretty darn good so if they miss it I wouldn't say it's an "easy" forecast.
  4. There were some hints at slowing yesterday in the models. I won't have time to look and dig in for another hour or so. If it slows down a bit we'll likely have more snow and less sleet/mixed precip. Just taking a guess based on snow totals above, the NWS probably thinks we'll have more mixed precip than the models are currently showing. 850 temps may be a give away they've been off/on warm for various runs on this system.
  5. With GFS lingering at 1 inch that may have the hesitating. There's still some variables to work out on this thing.
  6. I expected NWS to have a winter storm watch up in Tulsa but they don't yet. Must be hanging on for the 00Z data.
  7. That would be my guess especially with the GFS still being "meh"
  8. My bet is on the 00Z tonight sir.
  9. It is, I lack some faith in the GFS, but also want it to snow, so my objectivity may be compromised
  10. Was just noticing that. The GFS says basically no winter precip for NE OK. But in my experience GFS in a lot of cases will get storm track correct, but will handle precip and precip type poorly.
  11. OUGrad05

    Major Hurricane Florence: STORM MODE THREAD

    Wilmington basically gets Nuked as does the the NC coast for hours and hours....but yeah ok.