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  1. MoistWx

    December 16-18 Winter Storm Threat

    Didn't get as much out of that heavy band that passed through central OH as I expected. "Walked" outside and saw a coating of ice on pretty much everything though, and almost fell a couple of times. Definitely would not want to be out on the roads right now around here. Backyard station showing 29F right now and still pretty moderate -FZRA falling. As much as I love interesting meteorological events, ice storms aren't something I enjoy.
  2. MoistWx

    June 9-11 Severe/Heavy Rain Threats

    I've had some really bad luck with storms this year. Almost everything has either missed or split me. The last good storm that even had some decent lightning in it was on Christmas Eve, of all times. So, I'm definitely hoping I at least get something decent this weekend. I'd imagine more of an MCS setup is likely, but GFS is showing a non-zero tornado threat in central Ohio late Saturday. Definitely will be watching how this evolves.
  3. MoistWx

    May 7-14 Severe Possibilities

    Didn't post it earlier since it was pretty unimpressive in comparison to the stuff going on down in Kentucky, but did manage to see a really brief tiny funnel cloud in a storm that passed to the north of me here in central Ohio. Heard reports of some strong wind gusts in Newark, but not much else. Caught me off guard or I would have tried to get a pic of it.
  4. MoistWx

    May 7th-9th Severe Weather Episodes

    looks like the second tornado east of Mill Creek roped out for now.
  5. MoistWx

    WxChallenge 2015-16

    I ended up getting knocked out first round from too high of a temp forecast and putting no precip. Was fun though. I'll probably keep forecasting since this is likely going to be my last year. Good luck to everyone still in it!
  6. MoistWx

    WxChallenge 2015-16

    Gonna be cutting it close on my end. The 14kt wind that just got reported is a big help and puts me ahead by 2 points. However, my 0.00" and his 0.06" precip call could be the deciding factor. If temp hits 72+ I think I'm locked in. If temp stays 71 or lower, 0.05" would tie us back up (with him winning the tiebreaker) and 0.06"+ would give him a 0.4 point lead. Either way, at least it won't be a blowout!
  7. MoistWx

    WxChallenge 2015-16

    If the low drops below 50, ill be pretty much neck and neck with my competition. For tomorrow: Me: 73/44/14/0.00 Competition: 71/45/12/0.06 Spent forever contemplating 72/73 on the high, as well as the precip. Having the temp stay above 50 before 06z tonight would make me feel a little better.
  8. MoistWx

    WxChallenge 2015-16

    Me: 69/50/17/0.15 Competition: 68/49/16/0.22 Precip was a tough call, but agree that it looks like not too much falls after 06z. Was tempted to go lower (0.12) but didn't. High is with the hope the clouds break early. Will be curious to see how much rain has fallen when I wake up.
  9. MoistWx

    WxChallenge 2015-16

    Okay, I wasn't sure on that, but that makes sense. If that's the case, thank you because that just saved my mood the rest of today!
  10. MoistWx

    WxChallenge 2015-16

    I take that back about surviving. I didn't realize the "person with less human forecasts doesn't proceed" wasn't just a tie breaker clause. Oh well... was a fun year still.
  11. MoistWx

    WxChallenge 2015-16

    Oops... Forgot to forecast. Had a good forecast today, so it figures I'd forget. Thankfully I guidanced, so that'll help some in the "overall" with not getting a penalty. Since I had the bye this week, I guess I'll survive. First forecast I've missed the entire challenge
  12. MoistWx

    April 2016 General Discussion

    Caught some brief K-H clouds in Columbus this morning. First time I've seen em in person, so it was pretty neat. Definitely a bright spot in the day long stratus deck. Still, definitely hoping the cold is more transient...