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  1. Any live webcams from Naples?
  2. Was she modeled to be moving so slowly? 6 mph she's barely moving
  3. Disagree and I follow you a lot during the winter and I respect your skill and passion. While I understand that there is a escalating destructive effect as winds increase is there really that much difference if she goes near or over key west at 135-140-145? I still think this storms story will be surge and flooding if she takes that path hugging the coast from Naples ft meters Tampa st Pete. At the end of the day does anyone but us weather nerds remember Katrina weakened just before landfall! No we remember the horror it left behind. I think that the over focus in the wind speed is just us being us
  4. Looks like some of the live cams already going down in key west
  5. Can you post the next 2 frames
  6. Sunrise is a town about 10 miles west of ft lauderdale it's getting close to me buying a plane ticket for tomorrow early morning boarding her place up and have her come back up here to nj as everyone else in the family is dragging their feet and I don't want her to end up in a shelter by herself
  7. Please sorry if this post is in the wrong spot my 95 yo grandmother lives in sunrise in broward county is this area in the mandatory evacuation zone?
  8. Always fascinated by the early hurricanes in New England esp the 1635 storm plus the pre colonial storm as mentioned don. Fascinating to think about these storms have been affecting the area for 800 plus years. This will def be a interesting storm to track
  9. Any streams still up?
  10. Direct link to jeff
  11. Anyone have a live web cam of cc the one I saw earlier is down
  12. So here in dunellen we picked up 4" over the last 2 hours major flooding rain actually came through the storm windows and leaked into the kitchen heaviest prolonged deluge I've ever seen. Right in the bullseye
  13. Beautiful out here in the bleachers in the Bronx
  14. Heavy snow continue in berkley heights unreal
  15. Mix pushing south again according to dual pol as we continue to rack up accumulations