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  1. That should make everyone happy
  2. You do realize that the gfs shows 3 distinct snow chances not including tomorrow before the Christmas Eve cutter lol it will likely be gone next run next 10 days looks great lot of chances
  3. Are we doing a observation thread
  4. I was going off the gfs snowfall maps
  5. Well just much less accumulation than 20 miles south of there and less accumulation than 20 miles north of there not saying a shutout by any means but interesting to see northern Monmouth having nearly double than the gfs for the city. Just an observation
  6. Snow hole kinda setting up over NYC and north east nj I wonder if the models are picking up on banding and setting up a subsidence zone in those areas
  7. Less qpf north and west compared to other models
  8. Can someone post 18z rgem
  9. Following all modeling since oz then can't say I'm happy about these trends anything west of NYC is going to be dicey to see real accumulations I'm starting to thjnkthink
  10. Since oz last night the northern stream has not looked as good which is oushing everything a tad further south and east hopefully it comes back north and west a bit. 1-3 may be the norm once you move north and west if nyc
  11. Decrease amounts north and west similar to the nam
  12. Cut in half actually north of the Driscoll down to 2-3 from 4-6 on the 6 z
  13. 12k nam cut back snow totals pretty significantly for northern and western areas