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  1. Beautiful out here in the bleachers in the Bronx
  2. Heavy snow continue in berkley heights unreal
  3. Mix pushing south again according to dual pol as we continue to rack up accumulations
  4. Back to heavy snow in berkley heights heck with this I have to go shovel eyeballing close to 5" "
  5. Heaviest snow of the storm so far flakes looking better I'm almost speechless no clue whats going on Maybe the mix is having a tough time going over the watchung mountains RU are you still snow?
  6. As it looked like it was moving north again heavy snow has returned to berkley heights
  7. Yup I've slowed down the dual pol to it's slowest speed it stopped like 10 miles south of me and actually pushed south now it's creeping north again
  8. Me too but it seems to have hit a wall I should be getting great returns per radar but it's mangled flakes Edit as I'm typing it seems to be getting better Not sure anymore of anything
  9. It got right to the doorstep of 78 then stopped now it's 10 miles or so south Unreal
  10. Fascinating none the less was going to shovel but want to see whats going on Based on radar I should be snowing much harder it almost seems confused as to what to do if that makes any sense
  11. Dual pol has def stopped that northern race it def goes south the last few frames
  12. Snow has lightened here too in the last 10 mins as that push gets real close haven't heard a ping yet and again if you look at the dual pol it seems to have sunk past couple of frames
  13. Still getting mostly dendrites too Wow what a battle
  14. Seems to have gotten as far north as it's getting for a while slow down the radar to it's slowest speed and look at the past couple of frames seems to sink south a bit
  15. Im getting heavy snow still too lets see I know some models had this than sinking back south Dancing with the devil