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  1. Kind of OT, but maybe shades of things to come: Flying in to Phoenix tomorrow, p&c high forecast at 119, it's 114 there now. I'm coming in on a big bird so no issues for me, but they've cancelled several regional flights as those aircraft can't take off at temps at 118 or above. Pretty wildly early for this to my recollection.
  2. Lightning on the severe warned storm moving through here right now is phenomenal. Constant strobe. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  3. Garden variety elevated thunderstorm just moved through, ground covered with dime sized hail even though the storm was very mild, almost peaceful. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  4. Same here. At noon it was overcast and chilly. Left the office at 5 and couldn't believe it, phenomenal overachiever, 59, sunny and warm. Not a trace of the early week snow.
  5. Sounds like tornado watch is incoming for western LOT http://www.spc.noaa.gov/products/md/md0263.html
  6. Very coincidental. Will be eery if anything ends up manifesting in Springfield area. I've mentioned it before, but I drove through that storm. I followed the off and on tornado producing cell from Callaway County Missouri all the way to Springfield, and just missed each of the two tornados as I came in on 72 and then went north on 55. I work for Road Ranger, we had just opened our store in Jerome the year prior and essentially had to rebuild it. Fuel dispensers were lifted and dropped in a yard of a nearby residence. I stopped in our store on Camp Butler Rd while the employees and customers were still sheltering in the men's room. Wasn't chasing, was just trying to get home to Rockford and had no mobile access to radar or anything like that back then. Was spooked after the fact when looking at the path of the system and comparing it to my obs, realizing I was criss crossing this baby for about 75-100 miles in the dark. The thing I remember the most was how HP that system was. I don't know any data on actual rain rates but I can speak from obs on the ground, it was the definition of an HP sup. Just absolutely torrential rain wrapping the circulation.
  7. I saw they were taking a lot of questions about it on Facebook last night. They clarified there was never at least .5" of depth at either recording station (at least .5" since anything at that level or higher would round up to 1"). Thy acknowledged there may have been at least .5" elsewhere in the region, but not at the recording stations, and officially, .2" was most recorded officially during the span.
  8. Not to be that guy but technically only ~7 months until we can see some flakes in 17/18 winter
  9. Started breaking down a little after 10:30 and was completely gone by a few minutes after 11.
  10. I rode about 20 miles today on a crushed gravel rail trail. Haven't don't that kind of distance since I moved here in 2002 before late April before. Saw some ice remnants only on the oxbows of streams, otherwise the lack of greenery was the only indication winter is the current season. Lots of avian noise and even saw some insects. 70 degrees, incredible.
  11. Simply incredible day today. The last time it got anywhere near this warm on this date here, World War I was still almost 40 years away. And it was 6 degrees lower than today.
  12. Nice. I got married there at the lodge. Place is ridiculous though on nice weather days, especially in the spring. This is a little different though, be interested to hear what kind of shape the trails are in and crowd level. LOT has 60 with full sun in my point for Saturday, ORD record is 62. Skunks are normally in semi hibernation here this time of year. My dog was sprayed this morning, seems as though the mild weather may have brought me this unfortunate event.
  13. The man makes his living selling his seasonal forecasts and related products to commodities traders and the energy sector. He'll always find a way to spin value out of his forecasts so he can make sure he doesn't lose next seasons subs.
  14. http://johndee.com/ncn/twinlakes_ncn.htm A little snow to look at