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  1. There's always a lot of talk about temp records, but I can't remember this many days with dews in the seventies. Is anyone keeping track of records along those lines?
  2. I thought we were supposed to ignore the NAM with tropical. Are we far enough removed from landfall up here that that does not hold? Would love to understand better the issues.
  3. Snow globe near DTSS. Deck is caving.
  4. All snow near DTSS now. Nothing sticking yet.
  5. Steady light snow near DTSS. Looks like an inch on the ground.
  6. Snow globe near DTSS. Our street is already covered in snow.
  7. I'm within a mile or two of four corners (inside the beltway), and I just measured 9" at 7 PM. Maybe compaction?
  8. Maybe picked up an inch or so since 9 AM, but finally some serious snow now coming down near DTSS.
  9. Thanx for the info. Do you know if any of the other (domestic or intl) models handle upwelling?
  10. I remember from last season that the GFS ensembles were acknowledged to have too small a spread. Does anyone know if that has been addressed in the interim?
  11. Absolutely crazy rain here in DTSS. My backyard is a lake with multiple waterfalls.
  12. Picked up half an inch in the last half hour so I guess that means 1”/hr rates now in SS.
  13. Probably about 2” on the ground in silver spring. Just saw a plow go by.
  14. Legit now on Silver Spring. Streets are caving.