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  1. Without commenting on the video specifically, maybe some rando on YouTube isn't the best place to get your news and analysis?
  2. Enormous flakes near DTSS. Grass is covered, elevated surfaces might be giving in. I'd like to request that this band not go anywhere for a while.
  3. Heaviest snow of the day so far (not that heavy) near DTSS.
  4. It’s one member of the ensemble. It has the same initial conditions as the op and can be used to diagnose the impacts of the differing resolution between the ensembles and the op. I don’t think there’s any reason to give it any more weight than any other member of the ensembles, but I’d be interested hearing otherwise.
  5. For what possible reason is it worth looking at the ensemble control at 240+ hours?
  6. Something pretty legit just went by us near DTSS.
  7. Lost rates for a while, but picking up again. Maybe .75 inches on the deck.
  8. Was in the heavy stuff for a while. Moderate snow now.
  9. Coming down rapidly near DTSS. Accumulating on the streets.
  10. Beautiful large flakes in the band over the northern beltway.
  11. Woke up with the ground and streets covered near DTSS. Rates picking up now.
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