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  1. I know next to nothing about this, but as I understand it, one of the ensemble members has exactly the same initial conditions as the op. The fact that it diverges so significantly from the op would indicate to me that there is something that the higher resolution is picking up on that lower resolution ensembles are missing, making the ensembles potentially less trustworthy. I'd appreciate hearing from those more expert than me on this, though.
  2. Type 'h'.
  3. Snow globe w/ wind picking up in Silver Spring.
  4. Legitimate heavy snow in Dupont. Can't see the church a quarter mile away.
  5. Snowdämmerung
  6. No rain in Dupont, but I think the aliens have launched their invasion of Arlington given the light show in that direction.
  7. Picking up in Dupont. Much bigger flakes.
  8. It stopped for a bit in Dupont, but very light snow starting again.
  9. Switched over to snow in Dupont.
  10. Small bits of everything coming down near Dupont.
  11. Heavy, heavy rain and one big crack of thunder in Dupont right now.
  12. If for some reason you lose water pressure, you can use the bathtub water to flush toilets.