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  1. NWNC2015, Just out of curiosity, what's the story behind the Jshetley quote a the bottom of your posts?
  2. A very nice downpour here in Wilson. I am happy for a nice hit after a month of near misses, grazings and crumbs
  3. Yeah I know, but sometimes I use the board to blow off a little frustration when a nice healthy cell brushes by or a day with high promise doesn't pan out. Hopefully I don;t post enough debbie downer messages to be too annoying.
  4. Man it moved past Wilson without giving us a drop. Unless something moves towards the north we are going to miss out completely. Quite a bummer. It's been this way for MBY for most of the last month. Things keep coming close but not quite hitting.
  5. This isn't really an observation, but since we don;t have a short-range thread I thought I'd mention this here. There is an interesting divergence in the WRAL forecast compared to the NWS. In both a write-up and video Mike Maze has stated that he expects the higher rain chances to be concentrated to the south and west of the triangle. On the other hand in 3:25 pm RAH short term forecast the NWS has this to say: "Unlike the past couple of days where the bulk of the showers and storms have been to the south and west of Raleigh, the veering of the low level flow to a south-southwest direction should result in an increase in convective coverage across the northern coastal plain and northeast Piedmont."
  6. I'm officially throwing in the towel. The tongue of moisture extending from south-central Virginia is disintegrating a shut-out for Wilson today. Odds aren't looking good tomorrow either. Looks like Friday is our next decent chance.
  7. A frustrating day in Wilson, NC. Rain has been dodging around us all afternoon.
  8. Yes, that cell popped up out of nowhere just in time. It was a brief downpour, but I will take it. Hopefully it's just an appetizer for tomorrow.
  9. As advertised, coverage a lot better today, but nothing going to make it to Wilson. bummer. It has been two solid weeks without significant rain IMBY.
  10. Am I crazy, or wasn't today supposed to have some not decent rain coverage in central NC? Both WRAL and the NWS seemed to say so. I remember watching the WRAL forecast video yesterday evening and Mike Moss mentioned an Upper-Level Low which could help with rain chances. But yet today has had the least coverage all week it seems. Is anyone else puzzled?
  11. The coverage of storms was disappointing this evening. It did not seem to fire up as much as WRAL anticipated.
  12. A robust storm cell formed in Wilson County almost directly on top of me but then moved south. I work 10 minutes (with traffic) away from home. It was poring when I left work, but hardly a drop at home. I hope that the line currently moving trough (roughly on the I-95 corridor) is not the entity of today's festivities.
  13. Fun fact: when the dormancy is in the hot season, it is called "estivation" or "aestivation". https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aestivation
  14. Excellent rainfall here in Wilson , NC. I wish I had a working rain gauge. I was really happy to get this good rain before the coming late-wake blaze.
  15. I am up in West-Central PA visiting wife's family, but the radar looks great for Wilson, NC!
  16. Two questions. 1. Hey, has anyone else noticed that the little location listing is no longer there underneath the poster pictures? 2. What the heck happened to Frank Strait over at Accuweather? His last post appears to have been on April 16th.
  17. Had a very nice storm in northern Wilson (NC) today. Hopefully there will be more tomorrow.
  18. Man, its looking like the I-95 corridor in NC isn't going to get doodly out of this. Bummer.
  19. More good rain this evening in Wilson NC. I wish my rain gauge was still functional.
  20. It's not going to win any awards, but Wilson has been hit by a couple of nice little cells tonight, the power even blinked once. Interrupted my Star Control 2 game (actually Ur-Quan Masters). Always nice to get something when you expected nothing.
  21. I saw Don Sutherland mention this on the main weather forum. Nine sigma!!
  22. So whatever the ultimate attribution, is it correct to say that the immediate mechanism for the much-above-average temperatures in Eastern North America was the presence of an extreme ridge? In our local weather discussion from the NWS, I saw several mentions of an anomalously strong high pressure in the western Atlantic pumping warm moist air into the east. Was this the same ridge of which you speak?
  23. Don, Not to be too ingratiating, but your opinion is widely respected on this board. In your own thinking, do you attribute this historically warm December to any particular cause or causes? I live in eastern NC, with RDU being the nearest major station. We just had our warmest December ever by a comfortable margin. Our local weather guy (who I feel is well respected) mentioned that he was having a hard time coming up with a simple explanation as to why. He is no AGW denier, but he felt that long-term AGW was not satisfying for the huge short-term anomaly. As for El Nino, he discussed a comparison pool of some of the previous warmest Decembers in RDU history and he noted that not a single one was an El Nino year.
  24. Thatnks for the response Don. My understanding is that a +EPO locks cold in far northern Canada. So I am surprised to see the warmth up there as well. Perhaps there it already takes an AGW "offset" into account.
  25. Don, I am curious. Do you have any idea what the atmospheric mechanism is that the CFSv2 is latching onto to predict that virtually all of Canada will have a much warmer than normal January? Is this an El Ninio effect?
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