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  1. There’s a water fountain you can buy that does just that. .
  2. Crazy that Bing has a 40" snowfall in there this year and only gets to 19th place...
  3. All rain in Port Jeff Station from the start. My yard is re-appearing. .
  4. Light snow in Port Jeff. Amazing. Almost looks like an inverted trough feature on radar? .
  5. I got stuck in a hotel at South of the Border (NC/SC) for a couple of days on the way from NY to Ft. Lauderdale in the December '89 storm...took two hours to travel the last 10 miles and I-95 was closed the next day. Remember watching playoff football at the hotel, getting trashed at South of the Border and shooting off fireworks in the snow.
  6. Me...I went to a public meeting in Southold for four hours and came out to like 8" of snow on my little Sentra. Ride home was harrowing until I got to William Floyd Parkway...almost nothing west of there.
  7. Agree. 24-36" forecast and I think we got 14". Such a disappointment LOL.
  8. Feb. 2013 was the most memorable one down here. 18" in five hours, 30" total. Thundersnow, too. One of my favorites.
  9. I remember flying into Islip from Florida right after that storm and the ice looked insane from the air. Like LI was one huge skating rink.
  10. Yes - iPhone 12 Pro. The low-light performance is great.
  11. 7” in Port Jeff Station. Nice little storm. .
  12. Flurries just started her in Port Jeff Station. 34 degrees. .