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  1. Thunder in Port Jeff. Torrential rain for a minute.
  2. Here's how it looked at Cedar Beach in Mt. Sinai. Was getting absolutely pelted with snow and sand.
  3. L.I.Pete

    Jan 20-21 total lunar eclipse obs and pictures

    Here’s a series I took in Vermont.Fuji X-T2 with a 55-200 mm lens. .
  4. L.I.Pete

    Memory Lane

    February 2013. Piled up close to 18" between 3 and 8 p.m., 32" total. Craziest rates I've ever seen.
  5. L.I.Pete

    Spring 2018 banter

    I don’t post a lot to start with, but there are just fewer exciting weather events to track in the spring/summer. I come back on whenever there’s a significant t-storm, nor’easter, or tropical system to track, though. .
  6. L.I.Pete

    NYC Metro Snow Total YTD

    Yeah, as I mentioned in the other thread, just a hair over 76” in Port Jeff Station. We’ve been a snow magnet over here the last decade or so. No complaints. .
  7. L.I.Pete

    Spring 2018 banter

    Just added up mine - 76", just amazing. Great winter.
  8. L.I.Pete

    April 2nd Snow Wave

    Still completely covered here too in PJ Station. Really surprised when I got home, snow at work in Upton is completely gone. .
  9. L.I.Pete

    April 2nd Snow Wave

    6” in Port Jeff Station. Took this around 7:30 a.m. .
  10. L.I.Pete

    April 2nd Snow Wave

    Dude, every one of your posts is a variation of “How much for Philly?” .
  11. I'm totally flummoxed on how those Terryville and PJ Station numbers (19.7 and 18.9) could be accurate. I'm on the Terryville/PJ Station border and we had a MAX of 12" no matter how "optimistically" I measured. I guess it's possible that a half-mile south of me got nearly twice as much snow, but...
  12. Totally stopped here now in Port Jeff Station, likely subsidence from that band over the LI sound. Hoping stuff rotates back in here later as modeled. About 4” so far. .
  13. I think (hope) he is being sarcastic...
  14. L.I.Pete

    Winter 2017-18 banter thread

    Up in Albany and hoping to get a peek. Have my 12mm f2 ready...