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  1. Lol yeah this is something else and we aren't close to done yet.

  2. Sorry to hear about FB being down. I got 2" of snow/sleet crap and about 0.15" of ice accretion. Then we got above freezing and dry slotted. My snow depth as of 2 pm this afternoon is also 14". :)

  3. Come back on AIM.

  4. EPIC! Finally broke 10"!

  5. NORLUNs are full of surprises!

  6. For me, it's not that I don't care, it's just Math does not come easy for me. I really have to work hard just to earn my C-. I will try to work even harder so I can get maybe a C+ in Calc. 2 this semester but I heard it is the most challenging out of the 3 Calc. courses.
  7. Commander, the 00z GFS nails me with CCB on 12/26. Copy that.

  8. Very true..a lot of the climate/global warming matters have Chemistry involved. Chlorofluorocarbons, the ozone layer (O3).
  9. Good point. I guess I was just thinking more about how the atmosphere works as opposed to what it is composed of. Atmospheric chemistry...that sounds like an interesting field. Would a dual degree in Chemistry and Meteorology be requisite to get in to that sort of thing?
  10. Quincy, what was your infamous score on your Calc. 3 exam? A 10?
  11. That brings up a question that's been in the back of my mind that maybe a Met could answer...does Chemistry ever come in handy in this field? I have a hard time thinking of a time where it would.
  12. My friend took that last semester and he had to drop it because he got a 12 on the mid-term.
  13. Yeah, I definitely don't have the personality to be on TV..I'm not nearly outgoing enough.
  14. Thanks for the insight guys, I appreciate it. Yeah I see what you are saying Chagrin, if the attractive blonde with the certificate from MSU is more appealing than the nerdy guy from MIT then she is going to be hired for ratings. And you still go through the basic forecasting classes to get that certificate. I've heard the broadcast field is difficult to get into with the lack of openings and low starting salaries. Add that to the fact that you would likely have to move somewhere far away and it becomes a less than attractive option in the field. Personally, I don't think I am fit to be a broadcast meteorologist anyway since I am not a good public speaker...seems like going into the energy field is the best thing to do right now though I am sure that's very, very difficult to get into as well.
  15. Do you think part of the problem is a lot of the on-air meteorologists don't have a B.S. in the field but rather they go to a university like Mississippi State that offers a "Certificate in Broadcast Meteorology" which, from what I understand, is basically the equivalent of getting a minor in meteorology. There are a lot of people out there who just want to be on TV and it seems like this program at MSU caters to that and screws over a number of people who have legitimate degrees.
  16. Sounds like I should get out now while I still have the chance...
  17. Just don't give up, this winter will work itself out.

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      Well..for some of you. CT got the shaft again though. ;)

  18. Ice Warrior- The models are coming to a disastrous consensus. That's a HUGE 10:4.

  19. IC. The 00z ECM is suppression city. Over and out.

  20. Ice Commander...the ECM is train wreck again...copy that.

  21. Commander...the 00z ECMWF was a disaster. Do you read me?

    Roger that.