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  1. We've had .07 of rain since June 10 lmao. We had back to back days of 102 with a dew point of like 73. I get jealous looking at how comfortable it is up there.
  2. Trust me, you don't want it.
  3. Right, I mean I'm assuming there are many other factors besides being in a weenie snow spot lol. That's probably why Weather-X suggested a place like Ridgefield. That would keep him relatively close to the city but I have no idea if that matters to him or not. Woodstock sounds good but Idk how out in the sticks he's willing to be...if he's restricted to CT and he doesn't mind being in a rural area which I'm thinking as a police officer probably isn't too bad of a gig, then that would be a great spot. If he wants to be in a city and weenie out and he can expand to anywhere in SNE then I would pick Worcester hands down.
  4. Meh, I'd look into eastern CT. Much lower cost of living and he'd cleanup in Miller Bs.
  5. Right, that makes sense that you take that all into account...given that we just got Juno'd I can totally understand it not being a B- or greater despite above average snowfall. It's crazy that you guys have averaged that much down there in the last 20 years. Does the all-time average include the last twenty? If so, I wonder how low the average would be without those years. You guys have probably beat my area more than half the time in the last twenty years. There's definitely a trend toward storms being farther east I think...also seemingly not many clippers or SWFEs.
  6. I would think 25" mid-season is pretty good for there, no?
  7. Yes sir...should I come over for a few tokes so we can talk of the winters of yesteryear when we used to actually get big storms? I'm moving to Little Rock next month for a weather observing job though.
  8. Wow, just jaw-dropping stuff out of SE MA...very underwhelming here. Had only about 4.5" lol.
  9. Wow, that's weird...yeah I'm in BH. The depth was 8.5" at noon. I slept through the whole thing lol. Have fun down south. I may be moving to Little Rock soon so, no more snow.
  10. Your old place must have had more than 6". I had about 10" and I'm on the NW side of town.
  11. Here, get slapped with a instead.
  12. Reviving this thread, I could barely find it lol. Anyway, just 41 days until May 1st. Wiz or anyone else, any thoughts on this year's severe season? I'm sure it will disappoint as it usually does lol.
  13. What was the total QPF from it at BOS and ORH?
  14. Which storm overperformed in '13-'14? I think it was in February...it was either in 2014 or 2015. I just remember it was sort of in two parts and the ULL snows overperformed quite a bit especially down your way.
  15. Anyone else get the error message: "There was an error trying to insert a new row"? This is the second time it's happened to me. Last time I just waited til the next day or something and it didn't happen.
  16. Just a paltry inch here before the dryslot.
  17. How does it look specifically for Saturday into Sunday? I'm supposed to fly back from AL on Saturday night. Thanks.
  18. Don't forget a horrific performance from the HRRR.
  19. It's 0.5" or more and the depth has to increase by a whole inch. So like if you got 0.6 and your depth went from 6.7 to 7.3 then you wouldn't report it.
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