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  1. Okay, that makes sense. I remember seeing the icing on the trees in December '08 when I went up to the Worcester area for a basketball tournament. I couldn't believe how bad it was. I really hope you're right that thisends up being more a snow/sleet scenario. Would you guess that even though the Euro is picking up on the valley CAD, it's underdone? As in sfc temps. will probably be lower than it's showing?
  2. I thought high rates would cause too much latent heat release and minimize accretion? Looks like heavy rates on the Euro anyway.
  3. Yikes, I'm observing Saturday night at BDL. If you see mistakes you can blame them on me. Maybe I'll get stranded there?
  4. http://www.raymondcmartinjr.com/weather/2001/05-Feb-01.html Not as drastic as the CMC but I see some similarity.
  5. It'd be nice if they put the BDL snowfall page back too. It had a table of monthly snowfall data going back to the early 1900s.
  6. Hmm, interesting. 06-07 was a waste though. I was playing baseball with it 70F in January and it didn't snow until the 2nd week of February. I know it was a huge second half north of here.
  7. Yeah that makes sense. I'm just trying to figure out which ENSO state would actually favor west of the river. Maybe none of them lol. Also, we've had big coastals in Ninas lately so it seems the latitudinal rule isn't so applicable this decade.
  8. So eastern areas jackpot in fast flow Ninas and blocky slow flow Ninos?
  9. h5 tracks basically overhead. No bueno.
  10. Weren't you in Ellington? With all the Miller Bs we've had the last decade or so I'd say that's the better place to be.
  11. Agreed. I figured out the trees obstruct my snowboard. I only had 3.75" on it. But on the deck in the back and chair on the side I had 4.6" or maybe even 4.8". It sucks I have no good place to put the board. Might as well just use the deck.
  12. I think it's on Ryan Maue's page Dylan: https://weathermodels.com/
  13. Yeah everything is a few hours faster which helps. It brings in precip to SW CT around 11AM. Definitely looks like a shot at warning criteria even south of the Pike if it were to play out that way. Really dumps for about 5-6 hours before it gets too warm aloft.
  14. The only time I can remember them working out was in February 2015.
  15. That was my best winter, 83" and that was measuring depth only. One of the coolest things about that winter is it snowed consistently from late November through early April. I guess January had a quiet stretch but other than that it was rockin' and rollin'.
  16. He might mean November 2012. It snowed about 10 days after Sandy hit.
  17. That sounds like June 2003. 8 of the first 22 days of the month at BDL had a high under 70 and about 5.5" of rain to boot.
  18. You almost doubled my total. Amazing season for your area!
  19. I donated a few dollars, sorry for you and your friend's loss.
  20. Looks like I will fall 1" shy of 50 for the season. A slightly above normal season but it should have been a lot better...couldn't ever cash in on CCB.