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  1. Can anyone confirm the 10" (as of 11:15 am!) report in Fishkill? Seems really high. Red Hook only had 4" at the same time and they are farther north.
  2. DCA...NYC...BOS IAH...ORD...ATL PHX...DEN...SEA +1.5...+1.2...+1.3 +2.2...+1.2...+1.6 -0.3...-0.7...-0.7
  3. 50/21/17 for the last day of FLG. A fun and challenging city, wish I had done better lol.
  4. A certain station in our state has made no mention of the possibility of snow. Irresponsible and borderline dangerous...
  5. Warm at the surface though. I'll take the under on those 2m temps. with a low bombing in the position it shows.
  6. Well yeah, he's speaking about the surface at ORH. They'll have better rates/lift if something like the current solutions verfies.
  7. Our 925s are so torched on the GFS we don't get them cold enough til after 00z Friday. Not saying I buy it but I'm sure that's what she is using along with the Euro which although colder aloft had BL issues. 2m temps obviously are one of the harder variables for the models to predict correctly even at a much shorter lead time so I'll take some solace in that.
  8. Seems like some dryslot issues for us on the OP, especially south of us (noticed some panels with almost no precip. along the shoreline). Low is tucked too close I think. If it goes a bit farther south we'll have better rates and thus better dynamic cooling.
  9. Not that it really matters at this juncture but is the EPS any snowier than the OP in CT?
  10. How big of a role do you think elevation will play? Just wondering how much I'm going to wish I still lived in Watertown at around 700' as opposed to the sub-500' place I live now.
  11. Guess it's just us left in here lol. The lows have been a disaster for me. Granted I didn't put any effort into the last two cities because of my work schedule. 33/-2/16 for tomorrow.
  12. Is anyone still in for the spring? This thread has been dead for a while. 30/9/16 for KFLG tomorrow.
  13. Tha looks like it could be congrats BWI. If that comes close to fruition hopefully the shortening wavelengths work in our favor.
  14. I don't think he is at zero though. Yeah I don't know, either this place is a terrible snowhole, your town is a snow magnet, or one of us doesn't know how to measure.
  15. I can't be 500' higher, I live in Waterbury now not Watertown. I'm at 470'. But yeah, occasionally I can beat the coast but not in the big ticket events usually.
  16. Nate, long time no talk man. I think I'm at about 31" now. I seem to come in lower than others though. Could be a tree issue as I think my board is too close to trees. It's basically impossible to avoid in my tiny yard though.
  17. Ah no, codman, shafted again!!! Does this mean I take the seasonal lead?
  18. Im surprised by that, it definitely seemed like 15:1 stuff at least in the first few hours.
  19. 5.6" here, don't expect to get much above 6" for the final total. I could tell snow growth diminished quite a bit somewhere between my 9 pm and midnight measurement as he snow was not nearly as fluffy as it was at 9.