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  1. Lol, I was kidding, that's believable although I thought the best total would be south of there maybe crazy ratios though.
  2. 2.5" down, snow growth is amazing. When I came back at 7 from picking up a pizza I think there was only about 0.3" or so.
  3. We're neck-in-neck, vying for the bottom dweller spot.
  4. DCA...NYC...BOS IAD...ORD...ATL SEA...PHX...DEN -2.3...-2.4...-2.6 -1.3...-2.5...-3.2 +1.3...+0.5...+1.7
  5. 2/10/10 and 1/26/15 come to mind...any positive busts? 1/7/11 maybe?
  6. I think he would sometimes go on drunken enraged rants from time to time which eventually got him banned.
  7. The OP has been atrocious on QPF for the last two events:
  8. Wow, both those are terrible back this way. I fully expect the Euro to go east later.
  9. That looks very similar to the Canadian for Wave 1. I hope American guidance is right as it's centered farther south.
  10. What about New Year's 2010? Days and days of downslope flurries?
  11. I don't understand why GFS is being called an EMA special. Looks good all the way back to the NY border. Granted The Cape to BOS get a foot+ while we settle for 6" but still, just reading the posts in here I was thinking everyone west of ORH was shutout.
  12. I'll buy what you're selling. Everything has gone to a T wrt your winter outlook.
  13. What exactly are they showing? A full-blown +EPO/-PNA/+NAO?
  14. I had the same issue here in west-central CT. The snow is very dense which prevented me from reaching double digits.
  15. Wasn't it showing a hit for this last storm while others showed a graze? Your point still stands though. Euro last night looked pretty good but today was not quite as amplified. Seems we'll have to trend the northern stream a lot deeper to get something sizable.
  16. That's the southern energy involved with the Monday night threat right? I'm surprised no one mentioned anything about that today.
  17. 9.2" here, ranges between 10.3 and 8 in the yard so board total seems reasonable. Snow growth was pretty bad for the second half of the storm since we weren't under the good bands the majority of the time. Still an overperformer by a good margin though.
  18. 7.4" down here...seems a little low but it's hard to figure out an accurate representation wtih the severe blowing and drifting.
  19. Congrats on new career and a foot of fluff. It felt like this one was never going to happen with endless non-phasing runs.
  20. I wonder if the band coming in over the Hartford area will congeal with the band in NW CT?