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  1. Well we've made it to the final city. 75/47/28/0.04 for Day 1
  2. h7 low tracks pretty close to the coast intially (over ACY at hr39)...probably explains the E CT dryslot.
  3. You have the inland futility spot by a couple inches. We'll see how the next few weeks shake out.
  4. 0, 10.4, 6.3. A solid March so far but looking for a capstone event since I've been left out of the CJ JP's.
  5. It should be noted they're worse than 12z though.
  6. Looks good for ern areas. I'd like to see the northern stream dig more in subsequent runs to give us western folks a better shot at 8"+
  7. So that was his final depth? That's even more impressive than I thought if he never used/cleared a board.
  8. Well, consolation prize here with the rotting deform band. Couldn't believe it, measured at 1:15 and had about a quarter inch on the board then measured just now at 3:15 and had shade under 2.5" of pure fluff. Where were those ratios earlier?
  9. Used to live a stone's throw from Thomaston. Good spot, way better than this sh*thole.
  10. Except here, somehow I won't break 9".
  11. Ready to tie the noose after seeing Long Hill report 8". Lowlands FTL.
  12. Only about 3" here. Funny how the town that neighbors me to the south has double that.
  13. I was watching, I like your call. I think this could be something special and I hope Death Valley gets in on the fun.
  14. The almighty Euro, the same model that had my area gertting 1" of liquid as snow today has nothing for Wednesday. Funny to say but that's actually kind of relieving.