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  1. Euro shifted north at 00z. Hammers central/northern WI and central MN. We'll see if it's a trend or it waffles back south at 12z. My guess would be the latter.
  2. Man, Euro looks snowy for Saturday. Glad I'm off. Funny thing is my boss put the snow boards away so I think it's basically a lock.
  3. I'm an observer at Mitchell, that's why I moved here. We take our snow measurements very seriously. Unfortunately, we don't have a good place to measure as our snow boards are obstructed by buildings.
  4. Ripping here. I'll be moving to Waukesha next week so I guess will miss out on these private lakeside storms except when I'm at work.
  5. Crap, I took my snow tires off before I drove out here. Oops.
  6. Hey guys, I don't post much but just wanted to say hello since I just relocated from CT. I guess I'm officially a cheesehead.
  7. Ah, I had forgotten about March 2013-2015. I couldn't remember what they were like...thanks for the time series. Is it unusual for Newark to not reach 80 in March? I'm guessing it happened a few times in the late 90s.
  8. Aw, you left out the WNE special on 2/16/10.
  9. Really struggling to saturate here at BDL. Due north wind is draining down drier air from Mass and the RH has actually been decreasing lol.
  10. Yeah lived on the edge here Ryan. On the northeast side of town though. Back where I now live in Waterbury didn't do so well lol.
  11. 5.3" final in Watertown. At home in Waterbury was a toasterbath. Changed to rain almost immediately.
  12. 3.7" now in Watertown. Definitely has compacted quite a bit due to the wet nature of the snow.
  13. 2.5" in Watertown. :snowman:
  14. I don't remember May. I know April was really hot. I was in Cooperstown at the Baseball HOF and it was like 80F lol.
  15. It snowed here on the first day of spring. I can't remember how much maybe about 4 or 5"?
  16. Are you referring to 1/28/10? Aka the greatest snow squall ever? :)
  17. 6.1" depth/6.4" storm total at BDL. 2.1" as sleet. Impressive. Just wanted to say a great storm for ALB. That place has been a snowhole in recent years so it's nice to see them get a good event. Their depth is 13".
  18. 3.1" new here at BDL. 1.3" last hour.
  19. Get those genny's out. I wish I had one lol. I'll be at BDL for this though, working a double shift.
  20. Yeah I was thinking the same. That's embarrassing for a first call map. I guess they're dying for east coast ratings since we've had squat south of BOS.