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  1. you think watches will be expanded more areas on sat like northern ct area . just asking .
  2. i think they expanded the warnings in the morning for more areas
  3. weather people on tv stations just change their forecast every times models runs come out which is wrong that why i stay with my forecast dont change . wont a warm storm thur for ct Weather models have not been good this year but guess many dont see that . I seen it many times before when models went more warmer storm or more west track which never happen when the storm formed that why i dont change my forecast . That why lot people dont with changes they make day or night before the storm . you should stay with your forecast even if many change their forecast .
  4. They are good maps and to many weather people say it wont happen for sat but models have going for colder sat for the storm and more snow . models move the colder air out to fast all the time in sne area and valley .
  5. number one to many tv stations are going with warm storm and are not seeing the cold air will not move out fast for sne area . models have trend colder each run . For sne area snow later today and monday morning with ice 4- 7 inches totals for hartford area and inland sne area north i -95 area . The models warm up to fast all the time . I dont see any big warm up late dec . watch out for late next weekend for good storm .
  6. with artic air this weekend models are to fast with warn air wont happen sorry for those dont agree with that . looks good for 4/7 inches inland ct mass and sne area . I seen it to many times and didnt change or warm up like models said . looks colder storm on wed/thur storm with gfs model for sne area .
  7. most of heavy rain isn nj and ny wont get that much in ct no soaker helper for ct
  8. just showers for ct for friday most of heavy rain west of sne area or over maine or just east of sne area most models have over estimated rain fall in last five months for sne area .
  9. ct is likely going issue a drought watch in oct for the state .
  10. only 0.30 in south windsor ct
  11. wont happen for sne area models have been to wet
  12. most models are not wet today runs for early next week
  13. euro is more nw on the 12zrun than 0z run closer to or just east Atlantic city coast before it was east of delaware coast For that say go with models all time think again models are moving it around and more nw on the 12zrun than 00z run . number one hurricanes will do what they want not what weather computer models say and we dont know if the high is that strong at that time frame and could less strong allow different out come and more effect on sne than some say . TO MANY JUST GOING WITH WEATHER MODELS ON TOTALLY AREA OF STALLING IT IN THAT AREA. I wont and models have been moving it around to more nw and would be surprise if stalls more northward or tracks closer to sne area . hurricanes will do what they want to do .
  14. We have many model runs to go through wont stay same area for the track or where models say it will stall . Number two cmc is more up the coast for it turn west too. like sandy they change many times until the hours before storm hit. IM Staying with my forecast further up the coast before it stalls and if stalls at all .
  15. ridge is not that strong as models say and that why ecwmf is now weaker with the ridge on today runs
  16. doesnt matter how big the water shed is because the state can order that water move to another area of the state to use if other towns run out . look how cal got into trouble and they had lot watersheds area .
  17. were supposed have a cap on sat still got sever weather so more today
  18. Many weather models have back off on the rain totals for the weekend and dont count on lot of rain through next tue for sne area . drought will be here through the fall or winter . most likely the front will move south early next week but low will be move off the southern nj area will miss the rain likely . . I dont see over 1inches or 2 inches for large area of sne area this weekend or next week . Droughts can make their own weather pattern too .
  19. The weekend rain that models said on tue for sne from the gfs is not as much as last night runs for the weekend .
  20. i change my forecast tonight for ct area Thunderstorms with heavy rain and flooding to coming . I was wrong with my early forecast for tonight didnt think it would happen .
  21. its sunny now no rain models are to wet no big deal for sne area
  22. still say not much models are too wet for the rain for sne area .