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  1. ice storm is coming for all north west i 84 in ct including the hartford area . sun through mon night . models under estimate the cold air many times.
  2. to many of you change every model run .
  3. that why i like brad field he sticks with his forecast doesnt change every model run.
  4. like some weather people that had told me they dont look at models hours before a storm . because storm wont change that much. to many look at weather models during or hours before the storm. storm wont change to what models say hours before the storm.
  5. i dont know what boston national weather service seeing in models they are trending colder last three runs .
  6. For mon night into tue snow 4- 8 inches for inland ct and sne then ice storm for inland sne area. some other weather people agree with me on the amount .
  7. i talk to brad field he says northern ct should be under warnings .i say national weather service not looking at the trends colder storm . anything over 6 inches should have warnings .
  8. i listen to brad field weather person from ct he is going for more i 84 area in ct than some tv stations like 5-10 inches and he is on podcast and facebook . i say many going to low on totals in ct . i say cold air will be stronger than models show with low south of sne area. i also seen to many times that where models show the heavy snow and bands dont end up in that area. their is lots of cold air in the north east east. i m forecasting 8 -- 12 inches for along i 84 in ct and north of that dont be surprise if it goes up . near 10 inches in boston area. 4- 8 inches south of i 84 to i 95 in ct . prove 6- 10 inches. THIS forecast for sne area.
  9. i listen to jb and brad field for weather. looks very good for sne and new york city too for snowstorm . their will be cold air and high to north too and slow storm . more people get their forecast from internet not tv .
  10. watch early next week for snowstorm for inland ct and sne area. their is blocking and high to north. i listen to jb and brad field for weather.
  11. all of sne and ct should be already for big storm with very heavy rain and very windy too . more later watch wed models come more closers
  12. watch off the african coast for next storm with high in the Atlantic ocean building too on today 12zrun ecwmf i dont think we are done yet for long track storm across the ocean .
  13. that if the trough Jerry . i say like a bowling ball sooner later you will get one up the east coast . i still say watch this one big time and their another one behind it on ecwmf model from today runs. number two they all went through bahamas this year .
  14. number one to many are going with out to sea which i dont support and jb doesnt either. The one behind it will be big has lot of water to get strong already big that far out .
  15. march will be snowy we are done yet another two big snowstorms to come in march those that just look at models well i dont . i know what can happen . no warm up until april this march for sne area or i 95 . i still expect a blizzard to come . i dont change my forecast every model run many did this weekend did.
  16. reason i like jb and brad field is they dont change their forecast and take chance not like others that change all the time. I still say we are not done with winter by long shot or snow . my winter is until april 6 . Number 2 models are going colder each run now for march and next three weeks. i weather site page that is free and will never charge like others .
  17. ecwmf has been trending north with weekend storm for last three runs .
  18. to many you look at models night before a storm i dont . that why i listen some people jb brad field and some others . every time i seen we more snowfall than forecast because weather models to warm to fast and cold stays stronger .
  19. ii think they will expanded the watch later tonight to northern ct .
  20. i stay with my forecast and to many people have given up on the winter well that their problem not me . im staying with my forecast for next week and through march with snowy times coming . today gef is going colder on today runs towards eps .
  21. winter is far from over and will likely have snowy feb and march for sne area . nao is coming too . good luck to those that think winter is over its not and that why peope dont get there forecast from tv stations to much same thing all the time . best weather person is brad field and jb . you have to stick to your forecast not change every model run like some do . i expect still above normal snowfall for sne area and big apple .
  22. TO MANY OF YOU AND WEATHER people are changing every time models comes . watch storm to colder than what models show .
  23. heavy snow and ice with totals near 12 inches for inland ct and mass with ice storm models are trending colder each run low will move just south of long island area . artic air wont move out models have hard time with that .
  24. to many gave up on the weekend storm cmc and gfs has stronger and more nw storm than 12 zrun . So dont count it out yet . same people say dont trust models say its going out to sea because models say well dont trust them .
  25. during april in sne to many think snow fast but its dosnt all the time i remember many times it last for two weeks or more on the ground during the 80's . when it comes down heavy it get lot on the roads too .