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  1. i would not be surprised if models were wrong for tue storm
  2. However, it should be noted that the low level jet is somewhat disorganized which may result is less rainfall than forecast. from boston tonight
  3. boston national weather service said might be less rain than forecast through tue in sne
  4. in the ct the church groups that have control in the senate and until that is change . legal wont come any time soon they have least 24 senate lawmakers in ct wont vote yes . Their are other areas that many lawmakers say that state could make more money pass them . that are sports betting / tolls / and big change now in the last four months since state needs money now not in two years is expanded fireworks to be legal . more lawmakers now are for that .
  5. lets see if models are to wet for this week for sne area seen it before that we got lot less rain than forecast
  6. even brad field is going for cold march . those that cancel or says no big snows to come for sne during march will regret that . in not changing my forecast at all . i say dc all the big cities along the i 95 area in the northeast will get least two big snows storms .
  7. number one brad field has his own podcast . has lot people listen to it . lot people dont watch 30 for weather any more since he left now watch his podcast . im still not changing my forecast for the late feb and march for sne area and i 95 area. weather has away making up fast .
  8. those that say no winter or snow through march will be wrong . sne area and i 95 area will get snow and big ones too with a blizzard. .even dc will get a big snowstorm too . weather has making up fast . brad field is the best weather person he has his pod cast .
  9. those that say winter is over will regret that very soon . im still forecasting l least two blizzard between now into march with many big snowstorms for sne area and i 95 area. i dont use mjo is joke changes every day .
  10. i know weather people dont ever use the weekly's at all in their forecast.
  11. even brad field going with his winter forecast not changing it at all. like some are.
  12. to many look at long range weather models when right have the time . that why lot people dont watch weather people on tv any more because they change every time not like brad field doesnt do all the time .
  13. sne and i 95 will get a least two blizzards between now and march 3 still going for lots of snow too . disagree with those that winter is over its not . best weather person is brad field from ct he has pod cast .
  14. i know weather people that dont change every model run
  15. most people here change every model run even some tv do same that why i know many people dont listen tv any more for their weather because they dont stick their forecast and change every model run . i know weather people dont change every model run because they dont use models for their forecast all the time .
  16. jb dont cancel winter ok to many of you always to neg on winter storms
  17. northern ct should be in the warning area . im forecasting 5 - 8 inches for northern ct area . just let every know lawmakers in ct are considering ct own watches and warning system for the state .
  18. URGENT - WINTER WEATHER MESSAGE National Weather Service Boston/Norton MA 335 AM EST Fri Jan 17 2020 CTZ002-003-MAZ002-003-008>011-171700- /O.NEW.KBOX.WS.A.0001.200118T2000Z-200119T1200Z/ Hartford CT-Tolland CT-Western Franklin MA-Eastern Franklin MA- Western Hampshire MA-Western Hampden MA-Eastern Hampshire MA- Eastern Hampden MA- Including the cities of Hartford, Windsor Locks, Union, Vernon, Charlemont, Greenfield, Orange, Chesterfield, Blandford, Amherst, Northampton, and Springfield 335 AM EST Fri Jan 17 2020 ...WINTER STORM WATCH IN EFFECT FROM SATURDAY AFTERNOON THROUGH SUNDAY MORNING... * WHAT...Heavy snow possible. Total snow accumulations of 4 to 8 inches possible. * WHERE...The Connecticut River Valley in Massachusetts and Connecticut, the east slopes of the Berkshires and Tolland County in Connecticut. * WHEN...From Saturday afternoon through Sunday morning. * IMPACTS...Travel could be very difficult, especially Saturday evening. * ADDITIONAL DETAILS...Snow may fall at rates of an inch per hour at times Saturday evening. The bulk of the accumulating snow is Saturday evening. PRECAUTIONARY/PREPAREDNESS ACTIONS... Monitor the latest forecasts for updates on this situation.
  19. to many you an tv weather people change every model run . i see above normal snowfall between now into feb for i 95 and sne area with big storms too. the only weather people i like is jb and brad field and two others .
  20. every one thinks it will be that warm and last that long well think again . dont count on that . i wouldnt be surprise if got snow during the warm up that model show .
  21. to many change every model run or their forecast .
  22. ice storm is coming for all north west i 84 in ct including the hartford area . sun through mon night . models under estimate the cold air many times.
  23. to many of you change every model run .
  24. that why i like brad field he sticks with his forecast doesnt change every model run.
  25. like some weather people that had told me they dont look at models hours before a storm . because storm wont change that much. to many look at weather models during or hours before the storm. storm wont change to what models say hours before the storm.