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  1. late next week looks good for snowstorm for sne area for over six inches for all of inland ct and sne north of i 95 area including valley area and it will cold late next for april too ,
  2. NUMBER ONE those that say cant get good snowstorm in april is wrong. With this weather pattern is very goo likely chance of a good snowstorm coming to sne area during next two weeks of april . very cold air during next two weeks of april for sne area and the northeast area.
  3. watch first week of april for sne and new england big snowstorm with cold coming into area . At same time nj and south of new york city has temp in the 50's at the same time . we are not done yet in sne area .
  4. lets watch where the storm and upper low forms and track just because models say what way they forecast doesnt mean they will right and storm could go more closer to the coast . THIS is not the time to change your forecast for sne area . im staying with heavy snow totals for sne area . tv stations will change every time models change which is wrong to do .
  5. the last three storms it has come back north on the ooz runs for them storms and ecwmf has come back last three days on 00z runs for this storm too.
  6. To many weather people use or say because its march you have to worry about day time for how total snowfall you get i dont do that because i seen many times we get lot of snow in march and april . i say models will change but i think next week storm will good one for i-95 area and inland too could last three days .
  7. THIS IS FOR NEXT WEEK STORM TUE OR WED DAYS First low track into the ohio valley area then reform off the east coast . When it reforms is likely track is from just south of Delaware coast area form off that area towards just south of cape cod area be a strong storm .North west of i-95 area in sne area just north west of i-95 in from big apple to phil area will likely get snow . rain / snow near the coast . Models will change many times but track wont be inland track because of the blocking over then northeast and greenland area . Their will cold air into storm and before the storm .
  8. state wide 12 -- 19 inches in ct north of 95 area in ct heavy snow all night.
  9. to many people change their forecast every time models come out . i dont and low hasnt even formed yet . dont worry about the dry slot because chance of where they show wont be in that area or might not have a dry slot or just little one .
  10. Some weather people say that ecwmf model low was more east for wed storm because it sees the weakeness in the blocking and low to the northeast . That monday runs likely go more west track closer the sne coast than today runs.
  11. With blocking and -nao in march i say that most models have wed storm and with this weather pattern we are not going the whole month of march with out least two good snowstorms even down i-95 area. i think we get cold again too . i know some wont trust me but with alll these places get big snows now its matter of time sne area gets a big one during march .
  12. upper low will be south of sne are just south of long island area . all of inland sne area will have snow . boston national weather service is slow and in for surprise if they dont put watches up soon for inland sne area for winter storm .
  13. their will be cold air for the storm number one and it will off the coast moving around or stalled too but it will be cold storm . i say every one just inland and near the big cities should be already for big snows . .
  14. To many are giving up winter im not and many will be in for surprise during late feb into march for sne area and i95 area. some dont trust me but models have not been good this winter in long range . I think nao- is coming and expect cold march . i also say least three good snowstorms for sne area and i expect snow for I-95 area from dc area north with get snow too. when last time they didnt get any snowstorms in the winter season its is very hard. pay back is coming .
  15. dont be surprise if models are wrong for the storm .
  16. ecwmf is colder storm now. models underestimate the cold air all the time
  17. models will likely trend colder on next two runs too . With all snow for inland ct area .
  18. trend in most models and ecwmf is colder and south . watch by mon runs more colder storm
  19. looks good for monday storm for inland ct and sne area for snow storm track just se of sne area and another storm by wed too. i dont change my forecast every model run like many and to many trust or go buy one weather computer model or change every model run . feb looks good too. i say even dc and phil wlll get snowy feb .
  20. 40's is not a big thaw like many said and colder wed this thur and friday for sne area . like always to many give up on winter all the time when warms up little . i know feb and march will not be warm and bring the big ones to sne area . Late next week highs in 20's on thurs for sne area .
  21. number one the thaw is nothing no big deal no 50's only 40's for sne area. we got feb and march . expect some big storms to for sne area . i expect above normal snowfall too .
  22. ecwmf model today only has 40s next no 50's no big thaw like many said . .
  23. storm will be colder than some models say or taunton says . heavy snow for northern ct area totals 6-10 inches and 5- 8inches for boston area . se ct 3-5 inches
  24. sat will be ice storm for sne area to many of you go with ecwmf . no big warm up coming in jan for sne area just maybe two days . models will cut down their big warm up as we get closer .