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  1. January 4-6 Coastal Bomb Observations/Nowcast

    I haven't been following the obs, but judging from the radar am I wrong in thinking totals from NYC through western CT and the Berkshires may rival or exceed SE MA? Great banding and possibly better ratios?
  2. January 4-6 Coastal Bomb Observations/Nowcast

    Thanks.. I see now that Plymouth and New Bedford are all snow too. So the line is around the canal as expected?
  3. January 4-6 Coastal Bomb Observations/Nowcast

    Just checking in for the first time this morning. Is Taunton mixing? Latest report says freezing fog. That would be a major bust as they are forecast for 12-18"
  4. Jan 4-6 Coastal Bomb

    Wow... in the 35 year period of record, all of them occurred in the final 15 years of the record. Statistically the odds of that are about 1 in 5,000 by chance. That says something about our climate.
  5. Jan 4-6 Coastal Bomb

    Call me a weenie but I'm actually expecting something more like the hi-res NAM below.. fast moving broad precip shield penetrating inland w/o the huge jackpot in in eastern Mass/RI. Widespread 8-15"
  6. Jan 4-6 Coastal Bomb

    There is substantially less ridging ahead of it... maybe the phase will be better I don't know.. but not looking great so far
  7. Jan 4-6 Coastal Bomb

    NAM southern doesn't look quite as good a little less ridging ahead of it... only plus I see is the 50/50 is weaker. Hard to tell through 21 for me... should be somewhat similar
  8. Jan 4-6 Coastal Bomb

    Could be the s/w diving down the back side acting like a kicker? Doesn't quite fully phase in except on the 12z NAM
  9. Jan 4-6 Coastal Bomb

    I think it was in the NWS disco.. but I think there is a decent possibility of a large precip shield that extends/separates pretty far from the surface low, especially if it goes sub 955. I think Kevin was saying something similar. The NAM definitely showed this. Will be interesting to see if the Euro ticks west and stronger if we start to see something similar.
  10. Arctic Sea Ice Extent, Area, and Volume

    Ranting about how the Russians are punishing us with cold weather is a valid point? Maybe ban this guy too.
  11. Jan 4-6 Coastal Bomb

    Oh well I guess I haven't used them since then. Pointless discussion really... NAM and SREF both terrible.
  12. Jan 4-6 Coastal Bomb

    Not according to these verification statistics... SREF exhibits less bias than NAM for most qpf events.
  13. Jan 4-6 Coastal Bomb

    Just my experience... it seems basically like running 20 different versions of the NAM. Individually they are terrible hopeless and inconsistent from run to run, but together they're just poor to average. I mean how can you get worse than the NAM? At this range the NAM will swing 500 miles from run to run.
  14. Jan 4-6 Coastal Bomb

    Well they're better than the NAM...
  15. Jan 4-6 Coastal Bomb

    Has the 1" qpf line almost back to ORH. .5" back to the NY/VT state line.