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  1. I miss weather lol
  2. Some of the flooding vids out of Puerto Rico are downright terrifying.
  3. The stuff coming out of Puerto Rico in drips is sounding like pretty high end damage.
  4. Thanks, seems often in these treads people pop onto where's next and if the place isn't completely wiped off the map it could've been worse. Appreciate the posts and thoughts and hope that people of Puerto Rico receive the aid that they need.
  5. Before going on to US impact, does this have appeared to be historically destructive storm in PR? Seeing pretty spotty information.
  6. Hopefully all tourists have been evacuated or found sturdy shelter, what impact is this looking to have on Leeward Islands?
  7. Thank you for the update, that is truly awfuk to hear such dire circumstances. I am not familiar with the environs, is there a bayou/river flooding or is it mainly street/flash type?
  8. Is there any updates on Beaumont situation? Seems most talk has drifted to aftermath and insurance.
  9. Hoping the best for Beaumont tonight, radar is absurd after everything is already waterlogged, not a great combo.
  10. Wow, Beaumont is about to be poured on in a big way.
  11. Good news is Houston rain-wise is on down swing, bad news is Beaumont is in for a very long evening.
  12. Reports out of Beaumont combined with current radar makes clear this is a rapidly deteoriating situation. Hoping for the best.
  13. My concern for Beaumont is growing rapidly, and a large population center to boot!
  14. Storm looked far messier to me on latest radar, but only had quick glance do could be wrong.
  15. Wow, that ramped up incredibly fast.