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  1. Was thinking the same thing.
  2. Heads up as I have vested interest but away from most info, when is window of most dangerous storms for S MS?
  3. Think this one is rain for all here, maybe with exception of 2001. 12z actually looked a touch warmer overall.
  4. You da man Sauss, just razzing ya. GFS is legit gully washer over CPA.
  5. Good stuff guys, can't believe how little attention this is getting here. Getting caught up, is overnight greatest threat of outbreak?
  6. Lol I'm putting a hold on liking Sauss' Facebook until he apologizes to us northern squares
  7. Back to regularly scheduled programming. Watch it turn into a cutter.
  8. Lol gotta admit, if it's going to be rain it may as well be a windy soaker.
  9. 6z GFS says man the lifeboats!
  10. Still time to all get a decent coating! My hope is we can somehow pull out regionwide ground covering! Maytown and Nut, you're enthusiasm is contagious. I read that thread from last year once in awhile it was first winter storm ops I was glued to.
  11. Indeed I was, lol but several factors including my job make me root against most things. I wouldn't mind seeing the whole forum get warning criteria stuff, can never root against a home run. Have a good one maytown!
  12. Was just looking for clarification is all. Hope you snow lovers get a good one! Going out after work to test my nephews new model plane out, great day for it.
  13. If it's a 1/23 redux north of IPT, UNV get very little precip.
  14. Man, it just doesn't feel like winter without a confluence even where a death and sets up on the turnpike.
  15. Not going to lie, love Sun and 40s.