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  1. Hope all ends up well canderson. Also, is it ever going to rain again? River is ridiculous.
  2. It’s crazy to me how normalized 200,000 people dying of a still out of control virus is.
  3. I just mean every Tuesday to Friday is still over 1000 and Saturdays are 950 ish, then two real low days balance it down.
  4. Another Tuesday, another 1000 plus dead. We’re into September now.
  5. Starting to run rampant here in PA, two local colleges with large outbreaks going all online, two nursing homes hard hit, one with 26 deaths in last 3 weeks...local jail and federal jail with ongoing outbreaks.
  6. Haha, no fun being forum anus and having dead yard...at least I have company!
  7. Lol .16 Imby missed most north and south. At this point I’ll take a half inch rain ands celebrate if we ever get one.
  8. You’re right, Michael was vicious and much worse than Andrew with storm surge and the damage it did to very solid structures at Tyndall cannot be overlooked.
  9. Was a huge snoozer here lol barely any wind or rain.