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  1. Lol. My marathon runner cousin was winded walking up steps five months after having covid and is continually having issue after issue with lungs. Dying is not the only deleterious aspect of covid.
  2. I agree had sinus infection few weeks ago and had to be tested for covid, definitely aware of everything in times like these.
  3. Local hospitals here in PA creating extra wings and bringing in literally any doctor and or nurse from practices or possibly out of practice possible. Head of health system said if rate continues there is no way possible they can keep up. Sobering to see in your own backyard.
  4. Let’s all be honest on this, we are pretty fked at this point. Hospitals cannot sustain this and we have major get together holidays upcoming.
  5. Alek is usually dead on, and clearly is again in this case. Here in Central PA, a basic code red has been put out for area hospitals and there’s next to no room for anyone new to come in. It’s getting very worrisome and sad.
  6. It’s just very sad, my mom was in tears she runs benefits for whole hospital system and doctors are coming in on no sleep and completely emotionally shot. It’s literally terrible and trying to make room to take more people.
  7. Local hospital my mom works at completely out of ICU room, 5 people waiting to be given ICU beds, patients on gurneys in halls waiting for rooms. It’s a big mess.
  8. Probably going to top out around where we’re at on cases a day just to testing capacity reasons.
  9. Already 1000 deaths at 3pm.
  10. Local hospitals here even in middle of nowhere PA, are quickly becoming strained with new covid patients.
  11. Christ, this is really bad. Hard to see less that 1000 deaths a day in foreseeable future.
  12. We’re in big trouble, far more than earlier in the year. Hospital system will be strained and tested.
  13. In all honesty this has been worse than I even imagined. We’re easily going to surpass 400k dead by end of winter.
  14. I thought hitting just west of an area was worst possible thing from wind and surge perspective? I’m not real well versed in hurricanes so I’m not sure on any of this though.
  15. France will eventually get a handle since they are actually doing things to fight it back now, for us I’m afraid it’s up up and away for awhile.