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  1. Smart posters...what's deal with wind coming up? Seems like they really are pushing it's severity early and often.
  2. Later in season we go more storms favor the northern crew...March has been great month to us.
  3. Wmsptwx

    TN valley heavy rain/flooding week of Feb 17th

    That picture is incredible...having been there once it's astounding to see it like that.
  4. That's truly amazing to think about, this is been an absurdly wet cycle of seasons for sure. Hoping your thread gets us home with one more warning event!
  5. Lol Susky is going to be angry much of spring.
  6. Wmsptwx

    TN valley heavy rain/flooding week of Feb 17th

    Just stopping in due to interest like Janet, rough weather ahead through weekend....rain appears to roll back in later tonight. Hoping the best for all involved, but this appears to be prolific event for sure.
  7. I meant GFS was only model giving us an inch or two of snow.
  8. According to nws they are riding the GFS model it appears.
  9. I like yours better lol. Thanks man. And I was saying nws not my own.
  10. 1 to 3 and under .1 of ice the call for up here.
  11. Mehhhhhh it'll be north at go time and they'll all be crying like usual.
  12. Dude this year is unreal with it, our driveway when unfrozen is literally a Marsh swamp.