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  1. Yup this was the big dog we were looking for, but really slipped away fast.
  2. Lol ugh not yet there my man but I can day dream! I want one more area wide warning event then I’m ready for spring.
  3. Is there gonna be 1 to 3 inch storm Friday either way or was all that from coastal
  4. Have weird feeling tomorrow over performs for most….lol no idea why but I do.
  5. Lol why is this storm so dry and dumb looking with precip
  6. Lol I got excited about those maps and then saw they were over 200 hours out .
  7. Serious question…do Clippers exist anymore? When I was young it felt like we had one every few weeks, and they’d sometimes over perform with 3 to 5 inch amounts. Now it seems everything is a southern stream suppress fest and nothing clipper wise out of north.
  8. Lol nah…rain can be exciting at times. At least it’s an interesting form of weather.
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