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  1. Mashed potato warning snow coming in next two and a half weeks. I’m sticking with prediction lol, and will wager being weenie tagged rest of the year.
  2. I wish..... nope winter storm warning. Going big lol.
  3. I’m calling it, region wide warning event before the end of March! You heard it here first.
  4. Any chances of snow or squalls this week? Or all cold and dry with slightly moderating mid week?
  5. Looks like this weeks chances are DOA. Hard to tell where we go after that.
  6. We agree bro! I love big rainstorms, severe and tropical systems. Anything is better than long, boring, dry streaks.
  7. lol if we get arctic air and suppression in March I’ll be squirming too.
  8. Makes sense, lol I gotta check this place out, sounds interesting but not sure if in good way or bad way.
  9. Lol I am very interested in these mid Atlantic takes because I rarely go there, sounds like an interesting crew. I follow Upstate NY more, they’re cool group of posters.
  10. Yup it’s go big or go home time. Playing with house money, it’s been great winter, so I’m okay with spring coming.