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  1. Thanks man and good to hear things are well. My family has been lucky so far in comparison with some of my coworkers and there’s.
  2. I’m starting to know more and more people dealing with loss and one person I knew and used to fish with who passed away from covid so it’s definitely a rough deal.
  3. Ehhh yellow is basically normal outside of mask regs up here, pretty much everything but sit down dining is rolling.
  4. Looks like it...actually nice out.
  5. I agree...boring mist stuff is the worst. I like my weather interesting no matter the form it comes in.
  6. Yeah, starting to look like mainly wind damage threat today.
  7. What’s up with squalls any chance they happen tomorrow?
  8. We’re having a bad outbreak at nursing homes up here and several employees now possibly have spread it...up 20 cases in 2 days. Wouldn’t be surprised to see us go back red from that unless Sullivan and Tioga drag it down.
  9. Happy birthday to fellow pats fan Coastalwx, sorry if off topic just thought I’d say happy bday.
  10. I’d still trade the white rain for an awesome grauple or snow burst with wind any day of the week haha.
  11. Lol jumping on the Saturday train with you
  12. Kinda strung out not what’s needed for snow in May lol. Is this going to kill chances of squalls Saturday? If so hoping for a miss lol.
  13. Storms kinda trending weaker not sure what effect that has.
  14. There likely won’t be accumulation outside of little slush unless you have some decent elevation going on.