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  1. Storm looked far messier to me on latest radar, but only had quick glance do could be wrong.
  2. Wow, that ramped up incredibly fast.
  3. Sticking with low TOR probs, probably a good call.
  4. Scary storms in SE Nebraska tonight.
  5. TOR warning near Hays.
  6. Going to miss you Jmister, thanks for great contributions!
  7. Lack of activity in this thread is surprising. Overall today has been more intetesting than I thought.
  8. Tomorrow is looking pretty damn interesting to me, downpours and storms.
  9. Looks to just miss Ardmore if it is still on the ground.
  10. Just saw that, calling it a night.
  11. Environment favorable to maintain?
  12. Kinda surprised things aren't going off more with storm mode looking great.
  13. Next hour will be telling on the day.
  14. I should be clearer, today has extremely dangerous potential and certainly the threat for that type of Tornado exists, but for chasers and those who enjoy a good discrete supercell, today looks less promising.
  15. Yea, tornado potential does not have me buying in or interested. If derechos are your thing, then big day ahead.