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  1. Luckily not many bought into this weekends dud to begin with....too much can go wrong tends will go wrong.
  2. Oh no I mean the one for next weekend...this one was within 4 days when it went to pooo lol.
  3. Why we can’t be a excited over day 8 threats like ....ever lol.
  4. Lol I’m done believing until we’re within 24 to 36 hours.... feels like trends and feel should be weighted and models less so after last few awful performances. Even nws bought in to some extent on both.
  5. Yeah the trend of primary surviving so far north killed the snow chances in this one.
  6. Just kinda a lame lack of cold when it’s useful kinda year so far.
  7. General rule of thumb I follow is if too much has to happen, nice snow is very unlikely. Also such a marginal airmass it just all leads to trouble. Also nut, you being honest isn’t being a downer or anything... your posts are gold here...keep it up.
  8. You know you’re in trouble when upstate ny is rain lol.
  9. Gfs looks bad forum wide...just no cold air to work with.
  10. Gem has only advisory totals in pa mainly far north and west central.
  11. Lol jm1220 must still be traumatized by true central pa...pops in often to remind us what will go wrong and he’s usually right.
  12. Lmao it’ll go East I’m sure for us both...or develop late.