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  1. Downeast is great here, otherwise we need andy and Chinook to keep it going.
  2. Storm mode very messy, so doubtful to see anything too strong, but that was never really forecasted anyways.
  3. Wow, impressive rotation on that cell.
  4. Pretty mild bust even if it does, 5 percent is far from a bullish call.
  5. It's the year of high risk under performers and marginal and slight way over performing.
  6. That cell has been super impressive, luckily it appears to be splitting major population centers.
  7. Warning for Abilene
  8. Agree Q, things looking exactly how you don't want them to.
  9. Umm, they actually trimmed ENH down a lot, it's the correct update.
  10. New update looks reasonable, ENH and 5 tornado prob.
  11. North Texas cell is looking great as well.
  12. Wow, that thing seems to have serious potential.
  13. Weird watching these storms conceal and some just deteriorate completely.
  14. 7pm and only 1 tor warning. Very weird day.
  15. Back tracking things, I'm still seeing very favorable conditions in parts of risk region, what seems to be keeping things from second cells taking off?