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  1. Just over mountain from you we lost power and had .89…crazy differences….cousin in muncy valley has tree down and power out until at least 4am
  2. Was kinda scary here but even worse hearing lots of trees on structures from Selinsgrove over to Sunbury and Bloomsburg/Berwick.
  3. Late evening round for you boys firing around Pgh/just north?
  4. Wow this season is going to be so powerful
  5. Lol I was above 90/70 for like 5-6 straight days in June, it’s notable…I don’t get the reflexive hate for weather people bringing up weather topics of importance during a literal weather segment. What else are they going to talk about? Why not warn people spending extra time outside of heat related illness? Just seems silly thing to trash forecasters on imo or even be too worked up about.
  6. It’s been 90/70 plus here every day since Monday….solid one up this way
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