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  1. Instability looks to be game on, clearing over much of the enhanced region.
  2. Let me know man, sounds great. I've been a little reinvigorated just seeing you southern dudes love of snow, it's infectious. I'll gladly talk severe, but you guys have a few weeks left to keep it winter related.
  3. No reason to fold yet, look at last year. We just need it to come together one time!
  4. Yeah, March looks to have a few bullets left in the chamber. We all know what one of these bad boys is capable of in early to mid march.
  5. If we get a severe storm Saturday, I hope pasnownut gets a March limbsnapping foot of snow. It'd be a perfect end to winter for all of us bad weather weirdos.
  6. I'll take this over blustery, dry cold weather.
  7. Played basketball only, so just hated cold weather on long road trips when the bus heater sucked. Do love the weather today, been out as much as possible.
  8. Yea, enjoy it while you can, even if we lack a nice snow you know there's going to be a cold front with brutal winds to sucker punch us.
  9. Just having fun, it's hilarious! That had more to do with needing to travel long distance for work, but over did my dislike. This is hilarious, and pretty d*mn accurate.
  10. This is, dare I say...a masterpiece. Btw, thanks MAG for always letting me down easy!
  11. Fair enough my man. Still like you guys, plus you just won the BIG and have a great coach...lighten up Francis! I'll root psu eleven weeks a season. Im still dying over 24 hours post, well done.
  12. Maytown def. cried after the super bowl.
  13. Funny stuff, but all you snow pansies would be having nervous breakdowns living up here last decade. I'm calling you out, maytown, nut and our 8 Lancaster posters I never remember.
  14. Lol half my family is from michigan and went to school there. Since weather is boring i have to ask this question. Why do psu fans have this obsession and hatred for UM? From my experience most UM fans kinda like PSU and rooted for them to win Big Ten. OSU hates y'all for sure, maybe focus on them a little more. Hell, my buddy who has PSU season tickets says UM fans are among the friendliest and most docile to visit, especially when compared to Rutgers or OSU.
  15. Lol I have no friends here, like Pats, Michigan for football and basketball, OKC thunder in nba and Dodgers in baseball.