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  1. I am with Voyager, dynamic systems with larger impacts interest me, as do squalls....alberta clipper 2 inchers are as boring and annoying as showery day in spring.
  2. Hope y'all get a nice surprise tomorrow especially nut, that dude is dedicated.
  3. Masterpiece, and felchbreath wtf lmao.
  4. Nothing real interesting near term yet my man.
  5. Good to see everyone back, atomix makes it worth it for the laughs, even at my expense. Event tonight seems to be drying out, but just stepping outside reminds you not long until more winter weather talk.
  6. Oh I definitely agree, ctp has us only at 40pct chance of precip so was wondering.
  7. It looks pretty dry in modeling?
  8. Very odd with system like this, we will see.
  9. Really odd CTPs reluctance to throw a few watches up.
  10. I miss weather lol
  11. Some of the flooding vids out of Puerto Rico are downright terrifying.
  12. The stuff coming out of Puerto Rico in drips is sounding like pretty high end damage.
  13. Thanks, seems often in these treads people pop onto where's next and if the place isn't completely wiped off the map it could've been worse. Appreciate the posts and thoughts and hope that people of Puerto Rico receive the aid that they need.
  14. Before going on to US impact, does this have appeared to be historically destructive storm in PR? Seeing pretty spotty information.
  15. Hopefully all tourists have been evacuated or found sturdy shelter, what impact is this looking to have on Leeward Islands?