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  1. My take, but I don't appear to be far off looking at present radar/active warnings.
  2. Appears to be transitioning into a spin up, embedded rotation threat.
  3. Exactly, though I don't mind making the public take it more seriously.
  4. Storms in West Texas appear to look somewhat lined up already, though that may change.
  5. I should've been more clear, was referring to clean, discrete cells. The threat for signups and imbedded rotations goes well into late afternoon/evening.
  6. Looks like spc stays close to same in their update. Major hail threats and early narrow window for TOR development.
  7. Great read, seems to be a small window for tornadic activity, but clearly chance is present.
  8. Looks like another one of those wait and see days ahead. ENH is the smart play here, and looks like they'll stick with it.
  9. Definitely impressive storms, even without tornado element.
  10. Issue definitely wasn't storm mode, mainly LCLs which was expected. Still time to go though.
  11. Wow, things certainly appear to be picking up. Several potent cells in progress.
  12. Hail appears to be main threat, some could be very large/destructive.
  13. Yea, looks that way.
  14. I just mean in regard to tornado threat. I realize there is a sizeable chance of significant severe in other areas as others have aptly noted. Great threads by the way, glad so many knowledgeable people like yourself keep us novices learning and engaged.
  15. Tomorrow is one of those sneaky days that has definite potential to have significant severe, but a ton of variables to sort through.