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  1. This will go down as the greatest 24 hr snowfall of my lifetime...and I've been through some tremendous lake effect snow events.
  2. Blizzard conditions now in Lackawanna as gusts pick up to 40 mph or so.
  3. Idk Scott, probably somewhere around 4 ft. The Lackawanna/WS/Elma/Lancaster/Alden line has the most.
  4. http://www.americanwx.com/bb/index.php/topic/44743-upstate-nynorth-country-adjacent-on-qc-vt-end-of-fallinto-winter/page-10#entry3131858http://www.americanwx.com/bb/index.php/topic/44743-upstate-nynorth-country-adjacent-on-qc-vt-end-of-fallinto-winter/page-10#entry3131858
  5. I'm about 3/4 of a mile north of that Noco on Abbott Rd.
  6. Damn. Can't believe the band backed north a bit. Making a run for 5 ft.
  7. We're right on the northern edge...goes between very heavy snow to moderate snow and blowing snow.
  8. idk. When I was at SUNY Oswego, we saw the same thing happen when the Ontario band sank south toward the shoreline on a 280 flow. The southern edge would be sharp and intense, and the opposite for the northern part of the band. The additional frictional convergence seemed to aid that.
  9. As for the sharpness, I wonder if it has something to do with the Boston Hills causing further ageostrophic convergent flow toward Buffalo.
  10. 0.25" 1 hr water equivalent is showing up near Elma/OP/Lackawanna. That's probably 5"/hr. Who would have thought a November 18th heavy LES event was actually too cold to generate major thunder and lightning? The -10C isotherm is too close to the ground and there probably isn't a ton of graupel in the cloud.
  11. The asymmetry of this band is very cool. The northern edge is intense with a very sharp cut-off...the southern edge just gradually diffuses out. The airport would have had a shot at the 24 hr record had this been another 5-10 miles north.
  12. Yeah I don't have a yard stick but we are approaching 3 ft in lackawanna.
  13. I think early next week might be the most impressive lake-effect period
  14. christ..my heart sank for a minute. overall, pretty funny though after you get over the initial shock
  15. I didn't feel like a fish out of water when I left SUNY Oswego to work in Bermuda...synoptic 1 and 2, the forecast game, and the student website all helped hone forecasting skills. However, I still learned a hell of a lot about forecasting while working in Bermuda for 3 1/2 years. Isohume is right that forecasting is a bit of an art. This is why knowledgeable amateurs can occasionally outforecast meteorologists.
  16. If at some point in the future vets are so numerous that they completely block out all non-vets from being considered, then I'd consider a change in policy. Right now, that just isn't even close to the case. It seems like vets do block some of the panels...but probably not most...and definitely not all. Experience still does matter in vets vs. non-vets. If a vet is just a vet with a BS met degree..he would not make GS-09 grade. Therefore, non-vets at GS-09 would still be considered on equal footing to a vet or vets that were referred at GS-07 and GS-05. The MIC is not required to choose a vet in a case like that. For example, I was referred to Spartanburg, SC and Charleston, WV at GS-07 and GS-09, but not at GS-05. Vets were qualified at GS-05 so they were referred, while non-vets at that grade were not. Gold candidates at GS-07 and GS-09 were referred to the MIC.
  17. I don't have a problem with the way vets preference is done. Each and every one of has a choice of joining the military and serving in a forward area and putting your life on the line. This is a policy wherein the government gives back to the vets for their sacrifice. If you don't like it...you can sign up tomorrow and get your vet preference in a few years. Now, I think there certainly is some potential for better candidates being overlooked in deference to a veteran...but I think it's a small price to pay. Having a better resume doesn't even really make you a better forecaster, anyway.
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