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  1. The bottom is cut off. The greatest anomalies have shifted east.
  2. The strong anomalies have shifted east over the last month to month and a half
  3. Doesnt NASA have to 3c anomaly past the dateline? Lol
  4. Same thing about someone posting the difference between spring 1997 to spring 2015. Because the sst uptick isn't as sharp it makes a big difference? Idk. I've never heard anything like that before.
  5. No I meant the actual warmest ssts are near the dateline. Just like they are every year.
  6. The warmest waters are nearly always near the dateline. They were in 1997 too.
  7. Don, care to shed some light on the greater than 0.5c difference between the two monthly data sets? 2.06c vs. 1.49c
  8. They're already there. Some of the models show the forcing near the dateline which is nino 4. Not sure if that will happen.
  9. I wonder why there's a larger discrepancy this year between the two nino data sets than 1997 so far
  10. Chuck nino peaked in Nov in 1998. Isn't fall the climatologically favored time to peak?
  11. AK vortex equals winter death for the ne. Canada and the northeast are flooded with pac air.
  12. 59" in Elma is the highest I've seen. Seems like they would have about the highest in the event, anyway.
  13. I don't think there will be that much rain...the big deal will be the run off. Dewpoints over 50 degrees with temps in the low 60s on Monday with strong southerly winds. Classic snoweating conditions.
  14. I believe this is a surface reflection of the occluded front interacting with lake moisture.
  15. They went to 2 to 3 ft now in the forecast instead of 1 to 2 ft. I honestly think the band will set-up longest very close to the hardest hit areas.
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