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  1. Ended up with roughly 2 inches here! The snow definitely didn't take long to start accumulating once it got going here. Overall, that's about what I expected given my location and all.
  2. Been getting light to moderate snow here in Gastonia and it's still going! Everything's covered in white here! 26° for current temperature and dewpoint.
  3. Flurries already appearing from the second batch of moisture moving in from the southwest. Might be getting in on a good snow shower here shortly. Sitting at 29/27.
  4. All's quiet for now in my area. Been having a good bit of sleet falling throughout the latter part of the morning after the good front-end thumping of snow that came through. Up to 3" in total for that. Not as windy as I thought it'd be, though. Currently 30/28. Waiting to see if what's going on back west will pivot through here for the afternoon before the storm pulls away during the evening.
  5. Last report before heading to bed here. Heavy snow is underway and already have the roads completely covered! Somewhere between 1-2 inches in accumulation, so far. Currently at 27/25 and winds are now approaching 25mph gusts.
  6. Really picking up a good bit here in G-town! Moderate snow and sticking fast to a lot more places, now; even the ground's whitening! Temperature and dewpoint are both at 28.
  7. Greetings, folks! Been lurking around and watching this thing unfold! What a ride it's been up until now to watch this thing evolve since it was far back in the northwestern portion of the US! Anyway, got some light snow taking place here in Gastonia! Started around 30 minutes ago, and it's just now trying to increase in intensity some! Sitting at 32/24, and it's kinda breezy out here. Highest wind speed was 15mph out of the NE, but that'll obviously be increasing a good bit as the day progresses.
  8. Yes, quite strange to be seeing lots of lightning and hearing thunder......and having temperatures only in the upper 30s, atm. Why can't it just be cold enough to get some thundersnow going? Now that would've been a surprise for tonight...
  9. Snow's coming down pretty hard here! Getting medium and some large sized flakes mixing in! Sitting at 34/31.
  10. I'm down to 36, now, and the sleet has been mixing in with the rain. I suspect a changeover to all sleet soon before the snow eventually gets in...
  11. Sitting at 38/35 here. Topped only at 43 and have been dropping since 2pm. Been a real cold rain all day, but I've got that feeling that the wintry stuff's on the way sometime soon between now and a few hours later, or so.
  12. Full flip to sleet out of nowhere, and it's dropping like crazy.
  13. The flakes are coming down heavier and harder here. It's ALL snow, now. Temp's at 33°. Also, just look at the radar image here. It's lookin' mighty impressive, right now: http://wxug.us/25rkc
  14. YES! We have snow falling here in Gastonia, and they're coming down in nice big flakes!
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