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  1. Yes, quite strange to be seeing lots of lightning and hearing thunder......and having temperatures only in the upper 30s, atm. Why can't it just be cold enough to get some thundersnow going? Now that would've been a surprise for tonight...
  2. Snow's coming down pretty hard here! Getting medium and some large sized flakes mixing in! Sitting at 34/31.
  3. I'm down to 36, now, and the sleet has been mixing in with the rain. I suspect a changeover to all sleet soon before the snow eventually gets in...
  4. Sitting at 38/35 here. Topped only at 43 and have been dropping since 2pm. Been a real cold rain all day, but I've got that feeling that the wintry stuff's on the way sometime soon between now and a few hours later, or so.
  5. Full flip to sleet out of nowhere, and it's dropping like crazy.
  6. The flakes are coming down heavier and harder here. It's ALL snow, now. Temp's at 33°. Also, just look at the radar image here. It's lookin' mighty impressive, right now:
  7. YES! We have snow falling here in Gastonia, and they're coming down in nice big flakes!
  8. Starting to see some big flakes every so often mixing with this rain. Trying its best to changeover here. Temps have fallen down to 37°.
  9. Greetings, everyone. Hope you all have been doing well, lately. To think, we're tracking a winter event this early in the season...I'm pretty surprised, but hey. That's how it is here across the Southeast, right haha? Anyway... We've currently got a bit of rain with some sleet mixing here in Gastonia. Sitting at 39°. And for whoever is wondering, the 925mb temps continue to sag south...0° line is now cutting through Gaston county.
  10. Got down to 8° for a low here. Can't remember the last time it ever got THIS cold around here. Coworker of mine told me he got down to 6° at his location near Concord.
  11. Yep; my exact location is the area down toward where Black's BBQ is and then you've got Mark's Garage and Randy's Auto Care near each other beside 321. Ended up close to 4". Would've been more were it not for the sleet that kept interfering and less had I not kicked back to all snow close to 5 or 6 this morning until it finally quit around 11:30.
  12. A few pics I took last night when the snow finally kicked in around 10:30pm:
  13. Well, after being able to get in on some lasting snow showers for a while this morning, my total's brought up to about 4". Would've been doubled that were it not for the ever persistent sleet that ended up coming back in the middle of the night before the change back to all snow by about 5 or 6am. Better than what I feared would end up happening so there is that, I suppose. Sitting at 31°. 33° looks to be my high for the day here.
  14. Changed over to all snow and have been staying that way for a short while, now. Moderate at times. Temps have crashed down to 29°. Looks like I'll be seeing at least 4 inches if this can keep up throughout the night and into the morning hours.