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  1. looks like a new cell popping near Leesburg, moving ENE
  2. Moco just got warned, also with "possible tornado" language, line from the west looks to be holding together for now.
  3. "Tornado Possible" wording is in the STW message for the Frederick area storm...
  4. For those of you who were in the "when will Laura become a major" contest... if you guessed the 8AM advisory today, you win!
  5. and if you want the spaghetti with those meatballs, check out
  6. Only 10% chance, says NWS (recently updated snow maps), but we can dream of 5" up here in Laytonsville area...
  7. eye has filled in with clouds on visible loop last few frames as well, again probably due to the land interaction
  8. our pity/puny/pathetic/whatever MD just issued... guaranteeing nada for our CWA:
  9. Guess they're all waiting for MOD risk upgrade? Seriously, I agree - we don't get too many ENH risks (especially 1+ days in advance), this D2 outlook even mentions a TOR possibility if enough destabilization occurs. Could be an interesting Tuesday.
  10. Yup, now central Moco under a flood warning. Soon we will be "flooded with warnings" (if we haven't been already)
  11. yeah, typical - but there could be some training/backbuilding going on to the SW so we might not be done yet... more room for further disappointments?
  12. yes, confirms increasing activity still west of I270 between Germantown and Potomac...
  13. watching radar, I have a cell to my north (I'm near Laytonsville) and one approaching from my SW that seems to be gaining size/strength, gonna to be hard to avoid me completely at this rate.
  14. STW just issued for central MoCo for the storm near Lowes Island/Great Falls area, moving NE at 25mph
  15. watching the cell that was in Damascus (warned) approaching me from the north, may need a bit of a right turn to avoid missing me to the east (I'm just west of Laytonsville)