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  1. CC line seems to be right along I-66 currently - slowly but steadily moving north.
  2. Pretty heavy snow here in Gaithersburg (close to Laytonsville), those who said we might be able to benefit from the front end thump were right - hope the HRRR is correct and we can get a couple more hours of this beautiful stuff before the changeover later this afternoon, and maybe we can get a dessert later tonight from the back end.
  3. latest GFS says congrats State College/Williamsport with their 2+ feet
  4. thanks - I deleted my post after I saw I was beaten to it (ninja'd?) by jaydreb, LOL... also saw that 20 of that 29" spot occurs in 6 hours between 66 and 72, LOL
  5. yes, this is that same Jeff:
  6. looks like at 72 the SLP has jumped east some, that should help the I95 folks this run
  7. Don't know if this was mentioned earlier (I couldn't find a reference), but earlier this evening, Capital Weather Gang did a Facebook Live presentation featuring Jason Samenow, Jeff Halverson, and AmWx's own Wes Junker (usedtobe)... check it out! I wasn't sure if I could/should post a link to it, but if you do a search on FB for CWG, you should be able to find and view it.
  8. award for 2nd place goes to P22, with honorable mentions to P17 and P03, and (almost) P26.
  9. HP in Canada 2mb stronger at 96 and slightly SW of previous run, while SLP is closer to the DE coast but still offshore enough, to my novice eyes. All seem to be good signs.
  10. true... question is whether being bullish is/will be good for the other "R" (Reputation)
  11. evidently TWC hasn't factored in the 12Z model runs yet... let's see how long before they do.
  12. 12Z GEM pulls the low into southern DE @ 84, clear west shift which isn't good for I95 corridor
  13. Canadian up next, would love to see it improve at least as much as the 12Z GFS!
  14. that HP shifted east some at 90 on the 18Z GFS, probably not the trend we want to see?
  15. or do we get to CRAS (doesn't a reference to that model belong somewhere on the bingo board?) in now?