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  1. Radiational cooling did it's thing this morning. I got down to 9 degrees for the low, while up north where there was no snow cover (and a higher elevation) it was in the teens and 20's. Warmed up to 39 for the high though.
  2. I just measured my snowpack and I lost 11 of the 20 to compaction and melt. Down to 9 inches now in the backyard.
  3. I feel the same way, and I generally dislike snow. I can't imagine what it's like you guys who actually love it...
  4. Probably because it's still "fresh" snow. Had it sleeted or rained on it and turned it into a glacier, the process would probably be much slower.
  5. 45 for the high after a low of 14 this morning. I didn't measure, but I'd say we lost almost 8 inches off our snowpack due to compaction and melting.
  6. The S&S maps made more sense...lol Aside from all that, the globals still are showing a low along the east coast or out at sea during the Thursday/Friday time frame. Does it have potential, or is it likely to be a fish storm?
  7. Millville, we are all happy you are here and share your thoughts with us. No need for an apology.
  8. It seems that all the global models are showing a storm along and off the coast for the 29th time frame. They're all out to sea at the moment, but the storm is there. Time will tell what the outcome will be. Do we lose it altogether, does it stay a fish storm, or does it ride the coast and we get another one, be it rain, snow, or a mix?
  9. We all went out yesterday when we were at about the 10" mark and cleaned everything up. It may be double work, but it doesn't feel as overwhelming as it would had we waited and had to clean the whole 20 inches today.
  10. It's there, but like you said, most models show it out to sea at this point.
  11. Whoa!!! Not good on the house damage. Anyway, wind is intensifying up here as well, but not to that extent...yet. My last measurement about a half hour ago was 6.75", so it's a good bet that I'm at or over 7" by now. If the wind really ramps up like it's doing down there, I don't know if I'll be able to get accurate measurements.
  12. Didn't a few of last years storms start out this way only to end up jackpotting upstate New York and New England?
  13. Right smack dab in the bullseye. What could possibly go wrong?
  14. That line blew through here a little while ago with some of the heaviest rain I've seen since June. No thunder though.
  15. The way things are going so far this season, that may be the only way you get to seasonal average...lol
  16. I was out talking with my neighbor this afternoon, and she showed me that her hyacinths, tulips, and daffodils are popping up out of the ground. Her hyacinths are actually in bloom. Crazy stuff this warmth.
  17. I figured that maybe in the warmer inner city something might be popping. I don't get down there in my travels, though. Elsewhere, the trees look like winter, but the grass and farm fields (particularly down in Lancaster County) are mid-May green. Even here, my grass is green and growing, and IF it were to dry out, I might give the lawn one more mowing. Other than that, the only non-lawn new growth I've seen are mine and my in-laws fall Mums. They are sprouting new growth since I pruned them down.
  18. Where? I haven't seen any trees blooming. My lawn is still actively growing though...
  19. I mowed my lawn last weekend and I can see that it grew again. There is a possibility that I may have to mow it one more time yet. I've never had to mow in December before, and this year I may have to do it TWICE...
  20. 22 at some point overnight, but back up to 26 as of 4:00am.
  21. I just notice that on the radar. Wow. DC is ripping snow and you are getting rain. This is the most unbelievable winter I've ever seen...
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