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  1. Well, the 12z ICON did show that, but I don't believe it's a very reliable model. There's a reason why the NWS and NHC use the Euro/GFS/NAM/UK/Canadian as their models. As much as I'd love to see the ICON scenario happen, it most likely won't.
  2. The GFS (which doesn't seem meteorologically possible) destroys the OBX as she sits just offshore with days and days of hurricane force winds and rain. The Euro on the other hand brings her in at Wilmington, NC and then a slow crawl past Raleigh to the VA/NC border and kind of stalls her there where she rains herself out over that region.
  3. Total precip for me is 0.36" and a rather chilly 54 degrees up here. Gonna get shafted some with Gordon's rain, and then, as it looks right now, Florence doesn't have a snowballs chance in hell of impacting PA at all with that crazy stall. The Euro track would be perfect if she'd just keep moving...
  4. I just looked at this mornings Euro and GFS. The Euro gets Florence's precip right to the Mason-Dixon Line, hammers Virginia with 15-25 inches, and then shuts it off, and the GFS, well...it's out to lunch as it keeps all the rain offshore, with a whopping 95 inches out over the open Atlantic...
  5. I'm looking for the ridge to align itself so Florence doesn't stall, rides the Chesapeake, and heads straight into eastern PA before exiting New England...
  6. For some, maybe. My area? I know better. We will miss a good chunk of Gordon's remnants to the west and north, and Florence's will never get here.
  7. And to think, I gotten a whopping 0.00" so far. For some reason, Tamaqua is known as the "Land of the Running Water", but I'm not sure why. Whenever we have a precipitation event, we are one of the areas with the LOWEST totals. Perhaps what they meant was that the water "runs away" from Tamaqua...
  8. Amazing...not a single drop here yet. Gauge reading 0.00"
  9. I've been paying so much attention to Florence, that I totally forgot about Gordon's remnants. Looks like 3 inches+ for many here per the 3k NAM.
  10. Exactly my sentiment. My family gets so angry at me for it because they don't understand...
  11. Thanks Maytown! Staying overnight, but got the Eagles game on, so all is good...lol
  12. Thanks! Been out of surgery for about 4 hours now, and sure am sore in the front throat area, especially swallowing. They are keeping me overnight for observation, but have said I'm doing good!
  13. Just saw this. Thanks! As for Florence, I'd think her high latitude is going to make things interesting. She's way north (23.4n vs <20n) of where she should be to be a legitimate threat. But if there's one thing we learned this past year or so is that what should happen (re-curve and a fish storm) may not be the actual end result. Still a long way out, but the WAR has been a major player this spring and summer, and she could just keep heading toward the coast under the right conditions.
  14. YTD totals are pretty impressive this year. Even here in Tamaqua, where we missed the heaviest of the rain in all of the events, my total is 49.08 inches.
  15. OK, someone... Does anyone know what makes the Tremont/Pine Grove area such a magnet for heavy rain? Once again, per a reliable source, Tremont is beginning to flood again, and if one looks at current radar, there is a heavy cell that is just sitting stationary in that area. Other cells are moving northeast, but not that one.
  16. I honestly didn't expect this much pre fropa rain, but I've got 0.58" already with nothing more than garden variety type showers.
  17. The Pottsville, Saint Clair, Port Carbon area really took it on the chin today. In Port Carbon alone, reports are that 200 homes have some kind of water damage.
  18. Yeah really. I've been following your posts because we both seemed to be missing out on the best rains. Today we both kind of made up for it. Mine wasn't as epic as yours, but still not as bad as previous days/weeks.
  19. To a weather geek like me, that is a disheartening image. It's almost a carbon copy of July's firehose. the same areas keep getting it over and over again. Me? I end up on the fringe. Just enough rain to make it miserable, but not enough to make it interesting...
  20. They do appear to have moved east a bit, per radar. When I woke this morning, though, it looked like the same firehose from July. Up through Lebanon, Pine, Grove, Tremont, and northward...
  21. July redux... The Susquehanna Valley is getting it once again this morning, while areas to the east of I-81 get fringed. If I took a radar image from the last week of July, this morning's radar would look almost exactly the same.... Just an amazing, frustrating pattern...
  22. Congrats to you, your nephew. and the team on a great accomplishment!
  23. That line farther north produced about 3.5" in Reading and Allentown. Parts of the Musikfest festival grounds along the Monocacy Creek in Bethlehem flooded this morning.
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