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  1. They seem to be realigning the gradient to a more southwest to northeast trajectory. Last night it was a bit more west to east, and I was in the 8-12 zone. Per their latest map, I'm now in the 6-8 zone, so while some of your totals are increasing, mine are decreasing.
  2. I've yet to figure out where to get and see the 6z/18z Euro output. What sites have it?
  3. Can't say I disagree, but they are going hard after Machado or Harper, so I'd rather have Harper. I think he has more of a team attitude than a me attitude like Machado. As for starting pitchers, who's still available. Keuchel? So as not to go off topic too much, this storm. As is usual around these parts, track and precip types are giving me a headache. One takeaway, it seems, is that even up my way, the best rates are going to be wasted on zr or ip. My NWS point-click has 1-2 inches of "precipitation" during the darkness hours Saturday night/Sunday morning. I'll admit to not digging too deep into the models for other than surface temps and precipitation totals, since I was in the truck, and navigating Tidbits or Pivotal is quite cumbersome on a cell phone. I've mainly been following you guys and the Central PA forum for good information.
  4. I don't pay attention to The Weather Channel, and I really hate the naming of winter storms, so I just now found out that this weekend's storm is named Harper. With that thought in mind, let's go Phillies. Sign Bryce and get it over with...lol
  5. Nope. As of this morning, still the same. I see they upgraded to warnings up along the northern tier, though.
  6. Still snowing lightly, but I didn't get near what some of you got. I put the dog out, and would say there's only about a quarter inch out there. As for the NWS forecast...man, if this was all snow. They won't give me frozen accumulations in the point-click, but for Saturday night, they say 1-2 inches of "precipitation". Too bad most of that in that time frame will be taint.
  7. And very little of that got here. What we got so far wasn't enough to even dust bare ground or streets/sidewalks.
  8. Thanks Jim. I was wondering if the elevations we're high enough for such a situation. I know that at times the cold air drains into the valleys such that Hazleton can be as much as 10-15 degrees warmer than where I live in Tamaqua.
  9. Wouldn't it be called Big Dog or Aleet instead, then???
  10. What's with the "hole" over the Poconos? I've seen that a few times on various models this week.
  11. Bernie is really good at what he does, and I like hearing his thoughts on a potential storm.
  12. Pivotal Weather has a Kuchera map too that is pretty easy to read.
  13. Look at that nudge north with the gradient over Schuylkill County. WTF is up with that???
  14. I listed to the NOAA weather radio in the truck coming up 83 tonight. The extended forecast was quite wintry for the LSV. Snow and mixed precip with temps only as high as the low 30's during the storm. In their hazardous outlook, they said watches would likely be hoisted within the next 48 hours.
  15. This is EXACTLY how I would grade storms. I've never seen a 30+ inch storm (in my backyard anyway) so that would be historic. The over 40 biblical designation is spot on, too, as even in the biggest of storms, our region just doesn't (save one or two locations) ever really hit that number. As for me, 26 inches is the most I've seen from one storm.
  16. I literally laughed out loud in the truck. Thanks guys!
  17. Must. Get. To. Phoenix. lol... I doubt I can, but I sure do wish I could escape this.
  18. Nothing here yet. Not that I was expecting, nor hoping for any.
  19. Sunny and 34 here. Hope it stays this way here, and all of you down there cash in nicely! I can't think of a better storm scenario for me...
  20. Yes it can. We've had 24 hours of "pixie dust" up here in Tamaqua that, when all was said and done, was about 1-2 inches. The snow that day was equivelent to a light drizzle, both in intensity and visual impairment.
  21. lol... The cold seems to follow me around the country, so who knows. Last spring it was the same way. every time I went west a cold storm would come in off the Pacific within a day of my arrival.
  22. Yikes. That's why winter and me don't get along so well ..
  23. You all can thank me for bringing it back east from the southwest. I hit snow in El Paso, had frost and mid 20s temps in the Fresno area, single digits temps from Flagstaff AZ to Gallup NM, and finally more snow in Oklahoma City. Now that I'm home, it's gonna get cold here now...lol
  24. I was just going to ask if that line was putting anything down.
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