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  1. Been sleeting about 2 hours. Ground and other surfaces covered. Heavy(large) sleet now with some flakes mixing in.
  2. For what it's worth, Dark Sky is forecasting 1-2" of snow here next Friday. Doubtful, but encouraging.
  3. Snow/sleet south of Sanford as this heavy band passes over. Some of the sleet is in clumps with the snow, like half-inch diameter snowballs. Cool
  4. Wife and I drove to Ihop in Spring Lake for BOGO dinner @ 6pm. It was snowing lightly when we went inside. Came out an hour later and it was a mini-blizzard. Hwy 87 is just a near whiteout. Traffic was a mess. 2" and still falling here @ home S.Lee/Harnett border.
  5. Still a few stray flakes floating down as this event winds down here south of Sanford. Thx 2 everyone for all the gr8 commentary! On to Winter 17-18.
  6. http://chicagoist.com/2017/02/13/chicago_is_experiencing_a_snow_drou.php
  7. Well, without the prodigious snowpack, one wonders how low the temps in central NC can get tonight and Sunday night? Still single digits?
  8. "The European forecast model already kicking America’s butt just improved Better resolution will allow the world's best model to improve local forecasts." http://arstechnica.com/science/2016/03/the-european-forecast-model-already-kicking-americas-butt-just-improved/
  9. 31/30 Fog....like London-type fog.
  10. 18/-2 NE6 Got as low as 15 @ 3:30am. Sig other is up in Binghamton NY......-12.