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    I've been a member of this site for years, but I mostly lurk and read as I don't have a whole lot of knowledge to contribute. I will be happy to post obs from my area though! I appreciate all the discussion and input from all those knowledgeable on this site.

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  1. This is just bs. Watching my friends across the entire country get the motherload of wintry weather and I'm sitting here considering buying floaties and refilling my dog's anxiety medicine needed during t-storms. Even my San Diego friends got stuck in a snowstorm driving to Baja last month. I have had ZILCH. It's snowing in dang Mississippi even!
  2. Nothing but rain in Simpsonville. Grass and roads just wet. I saw a few flakes if I looked at the porch light and squinted lol. My son in Clemson just sent this
  3. I can confirm. Just got a call and an email. Greenville County schools closed tomorrow.
  4. Local weather station near my house reported 27.7 less than 10 min ago, now reporting 30.2* It's definitely warming.quickly as the wedge gets squeezed out and should be all rain soon which is good as it is coming down fairly heavily.
  5. Greenville county schools just called a 2 hour delay for tomorrow
  6. Holy carp! WYFF break in just said significant ice incoming as they feared. Wedge not moving as of now.Still 27.7* F here. Edit: They said significant, but I still don't believe that is the right word, but we are about to get a glaze down here. Edit again: It's neat to see this play out. Hope everyone in NC/SC CAD area is comfy and safe. Don't drive!
  7. Impressive CAD! It's COLD out there and I froze my behind off while putting gas in my car.A few little slick in spots driving home but wasn't too bad on the highway. Most people were driving cautiously. There was a crash on I-385 S in Mauldin on an overpass, of course. Definitely ice-related as the truck had spun around, hit two other cars, and hit the rail guard.
  8. Oh wow on the severe wx in MS. Neat storm! Have you heard thunder, metalicwx?
  9. Watching the radar closely and will be heading home if I see it show anything substantial coming this way. I work downtown, about 15-20 minutes north of my house but I think it's going to be ok. Right now GSP area just has spotty drizzle and flurries in places. It's looked the same on the radar all day. I'm watching all the little puffs of precip come in from the SC coast. We are still right at 28*F downtown. Temp hasn't really moved since 10:30 am when we were 26*F.
  10. My car is covered in a glaze of ice. Warmed up two degrees to 28*F. Roads are ok and lots of people out driving around. I saw quite a few little bursts of flurries while sitting in my car at lunch. It was pretty Husband says it was lightly snowing in Greer a little while ago.
  11. No it didn't! I'm a bit concerned because I am at work and not at home where I like to be when roads are icy. It is raining lightly here. Fraining. I know light glaze of ice was forecasted for this time of day - It just made me nervous. Sorry for the banter! Mods please delete if you feel necessary.
  12. Light frizzle downtown Greenville - my car says it's 26* F
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