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  1. lj0109

    March 3, 2019 Severe Threat

    That was my report. I was on the way back to Columbia from Nashville via ATL and was monitoring that cell as I was approaching CAE. Wish I had a dash cam for the footage, it was pretty incredible to see the sky light up as crossed I-20 about 3M to my East.
  2. lj0109

    December 8-10, 2018 Winter Storm

    @Lookout FFC starting to chime in on the FZRA threat around the Athens/Gainesville area that you have been discussing over the last few days:
  3. lj0109

    Hurricane Michael

    Several Tornado Warnings already issued in the bands setting up across southern and central SC
  4. lj0109

    Hurricane Michael

    I wouldn't be surprised if ILM went with a few inland Tropical Storm Watches/Warnings especially around the SC/NC border. CAE just issued a Tropical Storm Watch for the eastern tier of its CWA as of 11AM.
  5. lj0109

    Hurricane Michael

    12Z Euro up to Hour 102:
  6. lj0109

    Hurricane Michael

    12Z Euro makes landfall west of PCB near Seaside/Rosemary Beach
  7. lj0109

    Hurricane Michael

    12Z Euro rolling now....A lot faster vs 00Z.
  8. lj0109

    Hurricane Michael

    12Z GFS:
  9. lj0109

    Hurricane Michael

    Yep! The 06Z Euro EPS Mean is pretty dang close to the 00Z UK OP with regards to the track over the Carolinas. Will be interesting to see what the 12Z UK and Euro show in the next few hours...
  10. lj0109

    Hurricane Michael

    06Z Euro EPS:
  11. lj0109

    Major Hurricane Florence: STORM MODE THREAD

    A stronger ridge over the Atlantic to the N/NE of Florence coupled with another ridge in the Great Lakes Region evolving into the OH Valley are the culprits to the further South and West trajectory.
  12. lj0109

    Hurricane Florence

    Then crawls west across Central SC. Brutal for NE SC and Eastern NC
  13. 12Z FV3-GFS now more southwest as well. Landfall at MYR then crawling west across Central SC: