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  1. We definitely have 8-9 easy. Just slowed down to flurries, but was pretty heavy for the last 4 hrs.
  2. Def band and LE to the rescue! 4-5" here as well. Winds starting to back.
  3. Might not be terrible as the coastal transfer may keep the South Shore snow, but that is CLOSE!
  4. Yup, it'll be interesting if the RGEM amps as much as the NAM. LP placement between the 2 are the similar, just NAM is ~5mb deeper and takes longer for the shift to coastal.
  5. No watches issued for WNY. BUF still must be unsure...I thought they put out watches even if it ends up being a WWA.
  6. My bet would be that the primary holds longer. IIRC this seems to have happened quite a bit over the past few seasons.
  7. Hope we get a long-term WNW LE event to bring SYR back to the party - or maybe even a good old fash Miller A.
  8. My in-laws live in middle Maine and they have snow OTG from Nov-April, non-stop and very deeps sometimes. Big coastals with sunny days in=between. Even though they average less, it's much more winter-like there. Super cold though. I'd probably like the UP better as you get all the LE and cutters with the arctic air.
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