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  1. That map looks familiar. Lol. Pretty sure the GEM led the way last time.
  2. They still ain't buying it... HWO BUF: On Thursday a storm system is forecast to track across or just to our west of the region. This may bring a warm weather resulting in snow melt and a half inch to inch of rainfall. There is a potentialf for flooding from high flows, ice jams, or a combination of both. Strong gusty winds are also possible. This far off there remains considerable uncertainty in the track of this system.
  3. What once was looking like no snow for 2 weeks now looking quite promising. Bring it.
  4. As much as I'm rooting for you, I'd rather it be suppressed with a nice shellacking.
  5. Something so simple. You never know when you're gonna go.
  6. NWS BUF put out a HWO for a cutter... seems they've already decided.
  7. Looking at some old threads and saw some old familiar names like ayuud, CNYWXguy, Tornado Girl, dutch, NYwx, and Logan11. Anyone know what happened to them?
  8. Standing on a 7' snow pile in our driveway. Legit. Already 2" new powder since 8pm.
  9. HHHR, HRW FV6, RGEM, NAM 3K all showing this over the next 18hrs. Kuchie of course with 15+:1
  10. Just flurries here now. Eyeballing 14-16". Hoping we get another 4...
  11. We're just talking about snow guys, lighten up everyone.
  12. Someone definitely reaching 20" along the lake shore. It's been non-stop here all day and most due to synoptic w/LE.
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