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  1. UP Michigan or Maine is the place to be for northern winters in the US.
  2. 4-8" would be a nice refresher pack as I'm not sure the current pack will last through today and tomorrow. Still hoping for a big Miller A before the season is out.
  3. I think we'll all enjoy the weekly tracking cadence pattern we're in. Good way to finishing out the season.
  4. So a short-lived potent lake band with arctic front pushing through with lots of wind. Should be a fun 2" or so. Hoping we can get some low-level 25:1 South Shore action after the front.
  5. The Wundermap...lol https://www.wunderground.com/wundermap?lat=43.22&lon=-77.32
  6. Definitely had a wind shift to N here and temps dropped from 50 to 42 in 30 minutes (maybe just the cold marine air). Good sign, I hope. On a side note we've only had 0.15" of rain so far.
  7. Looks like WWA starts around 5pm for NIA. Assuming that's when temps dip below freezing? Time to break out those correlation coefficient loops to see what really happens. Still hoping for a surprise.
  8. 12z RGEM is looking more south at 27hr so far...ends up pretty similar to 6z.
  9. Can only hope the HP/cold air pushes a bit harder than modeled. Could be a surprise in the making. Would love to see the forecast bust cold.
  10. Really fun day. Sunny w/hazy skies then dark with S+, then S+ with sunny skies, repeat.
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